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someone who is elected pope in opposition to another person who is held to be canonically elected

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The issue was not resolved until 1414 when the Council of Constance pressured anti-pope John XXIII to resign and excommunicated the Avignon Pope, Benedict XIII.
But minutes after he spoke, victims' groups said it was not enough and an anti-pope protest was held as some 250,000 young pilgrims in Sydney for World Youth Day celebrations marched to a suburban racetrack for an evening vigil with the pope.
The key figure of the exhibition is Amedee VIII, Count of Savoy at the age of eight (1391), raised to ducal status by Emperor Sigismund Luxemburg in 1416 and elected, a widower, pope as Felix V, the last anti-pope, following his ducal abdication in 1440.
Commentators have claimed that John XXIII (1958-1963) signaled his intention to call an ecumenical council by taking the name of an anti-pope deposed by the Council of Constance (1414-1418), who was also John XXIII.
Here, in his characteristically engaging style, Logan provides a balanced account that notes the traditional judgement against the anti-Pope John XXIII that continues to colour some historians' perceptions (p.
Bingham's was also selling a CD called 12th July Mix and its jukebox had anti-Pope songs.
The only aspect which threatened to mar the day was an anti-Pope protest led by Democratic Unionist leader Ian Paisley in Upper Parliament Street.
He was described as imperator before his coronation at Rome in 1084 by the anti-pope Clement III.
But fundamentalist Hindu groups have gone ahead with anti-pope activities, demanding an apology from the pontiff for atrocities against Hindus who resisted conversion by Portuguese missionaries in Goa in the 16th century.
Fenwick and Spinks ask why an overemphasis on third- and fourth-century liturgies, why the West Syrian anaphora was adapted almost entire for Methodists, and why Catholics have adopted Hippolytus's text as standard when he was at best an anti-pope representing a local tradition rather than early Christian consensus.
In other words, one last public hurrah for the anti-Pope.
In 1421 Martin proclaimed the right of Jews in Spain to practice medicine, to serve as bankers to Christians, and to collect the yields on such services from Christians, despite the earlier prohibitions of the Spanish anti-pope Benedict XIII.
A SENIOR Protestant clergyman told yesterday how he was "sickened" by anti-Pope graffiti attacks on Catholic churches.