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designed to inflict death or personal injury rather than material destruction

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The bomb to be used was an anti-personnel weapon packed with screws and nails--the sort of destructive device now favored by Palestinian suicide bombers.
Originally designed to create an instant clearing in the jungle, it has been used in Afghanistan as an anti-personnel weapon and as an intimidation weapon because of its very large lethal radius (variously reported as 300-900 feet) combined with flash and sound visible at long distances.
It does, on the other hand, champion her right to own a "gun," a term that could mean anything from a deer rifle to an anti-personnel weapon, and like her buddies in the National Rifle Association, Bruce doesn't bother to make the distinction.
In the West the most widely diffused reusable anti-tank grenade launcher is the Saab Bofors Dynamics Carl-Gustaf (known as Multi-Role Anti-armour, Anti-personnel Weapon System--or Maaws by the US Socom).
Although Ayers insists that his terrorist group targeted "symbols" rather than people, the bomb that killed his three comrades was an anti-personnel weapon tightly packed with screws and nails.
Defence and security company Saab has signed a new framework contract with the USSOCOM for the company s Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system (in the US named MAAWS; Multi-role, Anti-armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System).