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a particle that has the same mass as another particle but has opposite values for its other properties

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Anti-particles are almost identical twins of sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons and neutrons) that make up our world.
Dirac's epoch making discovery that anti-particles must exist as part of the real world in the context of a real/virtual dialectical category and that the quantum vacuum is seething with virtual particles with momentary existence and which can turn into real particles through quantum tunnelling; for the first time gave validity to the dialectical speculation of Hegel's fundamental triad of "being-nothing-becoming" as the mode of "coming into being and passing out of existence" of matter as elementary particles in nature [5].
In this case the doubly degenerate states correspond to spins up and down of the particle or anti-particle.
Second jump: The photon contains its own anti-particle, i.
Positronium is an atom-like orbital system that includes an electron and its anti-particle, positron, coupled by electrostatic forces.
A new form of matter--unmatter, formed by particles and anti-particles.
Positrons, or "anti-electrons," are anti-particles with the same mass of an electron but with opposite charge.