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a particle that has the same mass as another particle but has opposite values for its other properties

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When the particle and the anti-particle become separated, they can no longer collide.
0]-meson mixing with its anti-particle may lead to CP violation in [B.
Dirac's epoch making discovery that anti-particles must exist as part of the real world in the context of a real/virtual dialectical category and that the quantum vacuum is seething with virtual particles with momentary existence and which can turn into real particles through quantum tunnelling; for the first time gave validity to the dialectical speculation of Hegel's fundamental triad of "being-nothing-becoming" as the mode of "coming into being and passing out of existence" of matter as elementary particles in nature [5].
Anti-particles are almost identical twins of sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons and neutrons) that make up our world.
In this case the doubly degenerate states correspond to spins up and down of the particle or anti-particle.
Second jump: The photon contains its own anti-particle, i.
Positronium is an atom-like orbital system that includes an electron and its anti-particle, positron, coupled by electrostatic forces.
He highlighted that during the Big Bang in the Universe, particles and anti-particles were generated, but in the present day universe, only matter particles are observed.
One explanation is provided within the Standard Model by violation of Charge Parity (CP) symmetry, producing differences between the behavior of particles and their anti-particles.