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(especially of vectors) parallel but oppositely directed

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This paper presents a novel type of stubs loaded anti-parallel coupled-line.
Figure 3(b) shows a transmission model for the unit cell of the diode grid, including the two anti-parallel diode arms.
One of the main structure power electronic is TCR that is a group of anti-parallel thyristor controlled an inductor and the reactance is varied continuous by partial conduction control of the thyristor (Fig.
To achieve zero-voltage switching the anti-parallel diodes conduct during the dead time, just before the active switches get turned on.
Passing a current through the MTJ causes its direction of magnetization to switch betweena parallel or anti-parallel state, which has the effect of switching between low resistance and high resistance.
At the heart of the SVC is the anti-parallel thyfistor valve.
Indeed, PA11 being an odd polyamide, its elementary lattice can theoretically lead to either a parallel or an anti-parallel configuration of the chains with every -CONH- group able to be engaged with another one through hydrogen bonds.
The strongest self-stacking of G and A takes displaced anti-parallel configuration, but un-displaced or "eclipsed" anti-parallel configuration is the most stable for C and T.
The performed switch elements contain a diode located anti-parallel with commutation element, which assuring a demand flowing way similar with from Fig.
Within a high-power magnetic field, the spins of these hydrogen atoms align either parallel or anti-parallel to the magnetic field according to quantum mechanics.
It is typically implemented with discrete anti-parallel diode pairs.
The electric field in the region where the neutrons decay sweeps both populations of protons, those with initial axial momenta anti-parallel to the electron axis (group I) and those parallel (group II), toward the proton detector.
coli show it has a typical lipocalin fold consisting of eight anti-parallel beta-strands that form a beta-barrel with a distinct binding pocket for a small molecule.
This self-organized network of actin filaments resembles the cytokinetic ring of dividing cells in the following ways: (i) it exhibits myosin-II-mediated, anti-parallel sliding of actin filaments (4, 5), and (ii) it assembles during the M-phase of the cell cycle.
In longitudinal recording, the magnetization in the bits on a disc is flipped between lying parallel and anti-parallel to the direction in which the head is moving relative to the disc.