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a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism

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The best example of the polemical strategy of leveraging the polyvalence of mystery for anti-papist ends is Samuel Harsnett's A Declaration of Egregious Popish Impostures (1605).
King Henry suddenly emerges from the Catholic camp, enlivened by a new-found anti-Papist agenda and effusive in his praise of Protestant England's queen, Elizabeth I.
And like the anti-Papist scholars who first translated Buddhist texts, he was opposed to all ritual and priestcraft.
Whiteway and Hunter may or may not have been militantly anti-Papist, but they were certainly very ill disposed to the Catholic church in Asia under the Portuguese.
And one wonders: Had Oliver Cromwell's physician not been so anti-papist, might he have administered the popish powder to his dying patient and thus extended the English Revolution.
The article is in line with The Birmingham Post's Unionist heritage and raises my concern that the anti-Catholic reporting of The Post is based on anti-Papist philosophy, rather than any factual evidence.
The ensuing international scandal and public outcry helped power anti-papist sentiment in Italy and abroad.
He writes, "It was Justice Hugo Black, the former Alabama Senator, Ku Klux Klan member, and enthusiastic anti-Papist, who announced in 1947 that 'the First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state.
More broadly, it is regrettable, given the large number of misogynistic texts from the period which have never been edited, including Riche's own anti-Papist and misogynistic True Report (1582), that this one, already available, has been chosen.
This paper argues that Henry Fielding impresses Protestant anti-Papist religious anxieties into the service of a consolidation of sexual, national, and class divisions in Tom Jones and his propaganda during the Jacobite invasion of 1745, but in opposite ways in the two works.
22) Later anti-papist misrule, featuring burlesques of Catholic ritual (and of the Boy Bishop himself), was of a very different stripe than the traditional Boy Bishop ceremony, since jeering iconoclasm did not reinforce ritual, hierarchy, and devotion as pre-Reformation custom involving Pauline inversion of acknowledged authority had.
Challenging the prevailing view of him as rabidly Protestant and anti-papist, she finds his religious sensibilities to have lain in the direction of Catholicism.
Parker), a reading of Leviathan as part of anti-Papist, Protestant apocalyptic rhetoric, a reading of Burke on the French Revolution in terms of Foucault, carnivalization, the sublime, and New Historicist containment theories (Charles Hinnant), a consideration of the influence on Germany of writers from Scotland, and a consideration of Johnson's style and copia rhetorical figures, followed by a New Age discussion of Shelley's animism and the 1990s (John Freeman).
Coote does not choose between Sir Francis Drake as a rabid anti-papist and state-sponsored terrorist and Drake as an empire-builder and hero as other biographers of Drake have done.
People spoke their minds vigorously and at length, and it was clear that in Derry then Catholics and anti-Papists, the secular and the deeply religious, nationalists and United Eire, political persuaders and terrorists were all sitting and talking together.