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substance that inhibits oxidation or inhibits reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides

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Not only anti-oxidants fight aging, but they also work in the prevention of diseases mediated by chronic inflammation, explained Rosalen.
HEALTHY OPTION GM tomatoes have extra disease-fighting anti-oxidants
The authors describe the debatable modulating role of phenolic natural products in balancing oxidation and anti-oxidation suggesting that these redox-active molecules may play dual roles and their behaviour to act as prooxidants or anti-oxidants depends on the microoxygen environment of the cells.
3 RHUBARB contains vitamin A which is a powerful natural anti-oxidant.
A higher level of anti-oxidants ironically increases the cancer cells production of oxidants and ROS to counter them, and there is a high probability of the growth to continue.
They are found in many fruits and vegetables, especially concentrated in their skins, and have powerful anti-oxidant properties.
BASF has an international system of local anti-oxidants manufacturing sites such as Shanghai (China), Jurong (Singapore), Kaisten (Switzerland), McIntosh, AL (USA), and Lampertheim (Germany).
The increase in the TAC levels in patients with ischaemic stroke may point to a depletion of the anti-oxidants during the acute phase of the stroke.
BUY Purelogicol Super Anti-Oxidant moisturiser pounds 35 This intensive cream is rich in lots of the best beauty botanicals like watermelon, grape seed oil and lime oil.
In this research, commercially available anti-oxidants will be employed to examine the inhibitory effects of methionine oxidation upon the stability of staphylococcal nuclease, a well-characterized model protein.
Both naturally-occurring compounds are anti-oxidants and support the body's own sun protection mechanisms.
We are helping a variety of clients to formulate products using a wide range of natural products that are high in anti-oxidants.
Designed to protect your skin and maintain a healthy well-being, just one dropper-full in a bottle of water or food aims to integrate powerful anti-oxidants into your diet to help slow visible signs of ageing from the inside out.
Free radicals (oxidants) can significantly damage the cells of the body, suggesting that anti-oxidants can play a major role in the prevention and treatment of disease.
If there's a future for some towns, coming up with a nutraceutical company producing dried blueberries for anti-oxidants and putting them into the market is where the future is.