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Digging in my personal medicine kit I found three vials of an injectable anti-nauseant.
When an attack starts, take an ordinary analgesic - paracetamol is probably the safest - plus an anti-nauseant like Motilium.
During the last three and a half years, Singh led the launch of Xeloda(R), a chemotherapeutic agent given in combination with Aventis' TAXOTERE(R) for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, and Kytril(R), an anti-nauseant agent used in combination with oncolytics.
The presence of nausea after treatment was similar in those who received an anti-nauseant and those who did not: only 40 percent still had nausea at 30 minutes, and only 30 percent continued to have nausea at one hour.
Our conclusion is that DHE-45 is less associated with nausea than previously thought, and that pre- administering an anti-nauseant is probably unnecessary in most patients.