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When an attack starts, take an ordinary analgesic - paracetamol is probably the safest - plus an anti-nauseant like Motilium.
For many, the relief from smoking pot was so strikingly better than from the use of Compazine, the anti-nauseant of choice, that word quickly spread among patients and doctors and then on to legislators.
Table 80: United States Generic Gastrointestinal Drugs (2005): Percentage Breakdown by Segment - Anti-Spasmodics Drugs, Anti-Nauseants, Anti-Ulcer, Digestants, and Anti-Diarrheals 148
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said it would now require prior approval for coverage of only four categories of drugs: analgesics, anti-nauseants, laxatives and antianxiety medications.