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Synonyms for antimicrobial

an agent (as heat or radiation or a chemical) that destroys microorganisms that might carry disease

capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease-causing microorganisms


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His Handle Hygiene invention fits anti-microbial silicone sleeves over existing door handles, or push plates.
The nearest alternative to the wall panels is anti-microbial paint which is not only expensive, but can also be hazardous to apply.
The ability' to be cleaned without degrading the anti-microbial properties.
Ali gave a rundown of the new silicon and anti-microbial coating systems Ragadhan is producing.
While synthetic turf companies appear to be tackling the abrasion issue, several manufacturers have developed anti-microbial products.
Thus, in food producing plants where good hygiene is already best practise, the anti-microbial housing of the E2F-D provides the reassurance of backup for established cleaning procedures, so increasing the overall reliability of hygienic process standards.
The fine-tuned antibody system of mammals remains unique, but many organisms seem to share what's known as innate immunity--ways of detecting potential dangers and responding with, for example, a barrage of anti-microbial chemicals.
In 1993, an anti-microbial material was introduced to the concrete market that was integrated into a polypropylene fiber, which in turn could be introduced into concrete.
New from Johnsons Apparelmaster is an anti-fatigue mat with anti-microbial properties for use in places where hygiene is paramount.
However, these places are becoming safer for professionals as new fluid-resistant and anti-microbial apparel becomes available to lab personnel.
PerformanceTM incorporates Ultra-Fresh, an Environmental Protection Agency-registered anti-microbial agent developed by Thomson Research.
It warns that anti-microbial agents enter humans through the food chain as well as in medication because they are used in veterinary medicine, animal rearing and crop cultivation, including the use of resistance marker genes in GMOs.
Anti-microbial steel promises healthier indoor air.
To address anti-microbial resistance, the Act requires the Secretary to establish a taskforce to give advice and coordinate federal programs on anti-microbial resistance.
In its currently marketed formulations, gatifloxacin effectively acts not only on gram-negative organisms but also on gram-positive organisms with greater anti-microbial activities than those of former quinolone agents.
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