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RX-3117 is a small molecule, new chemical entity (NCE), nucleoside compound that has an anti-metabolite mechanism of action, and has therapeutic potential in a broad range of cancers including colon, lung and pancreatic cancer.
China's Major Anti-metabolite Drugs Market Share by Kind in 2008
The Chinese anti-tumor drugs can be divided into nine categories: Alkylation Agents, such as nitrogen mustards, ethylene-imines, methanesulfonates, polyatomic alcohols and SarCNU; Anti-metabolite drugs, such as pyrimidine antimetabolites, purine antimetabolites and antifolates; Antibiotics; Plant anti-tumor drugs; Hormone anti-tumor drugs; Platinum metallic anti-tumor drugs; Others; Aided anti-tumor Drugs and immunomodulators.
2026: Phase I and pharmacokinetic trial of oral administration of CYC682, a novel 2' deoxycytidine type anti-metabolite pro-drug, in patients with advanced solid tumors or lymphoma.
Applying OculusGen simply adds a step to the traditional trabeculectomy technique, and improves results by eliminating anti-metabolite side effects.
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