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a substance that relieves or prevents itching

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Private label products accounted for one-quarter of the anti-itch market in the 12-week period, according to IRI.
Annual sales of anti-itch products are estimated to approach $1 billion.
Insect repellent, sun block and anti-itch ointment are other useful items.
The company also offers an anti-itch cream ($5) formulated with aloe vera, witch hazel and oat flour that promises to quickly relieve the unwanted effects of a bug bite.
Throughout the Northwest, "bees and wasps are already probably pretty bad," said spokeswoman Alyson O'Mahoney of Lanacane, a leading maker of anti-itch and related skin products.
If bitten by a mosquito, clean the area thoroughly, avoid scratching, and apply anti-itch cream.
The new offerings join the firm's TriCalm Hydrogel to offer a wider line of steroid-free, anti-itch products.
The product features Avene Thermal Spring Water to help soothe and soften the skin while providing anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties.
Now, researchers could silence these responsible nerve fibers to develop better anti-itch treatments, said Ethan Lerner, a neuroscientist at Harvard University who was not involved in the study.
M2 PHARMA-August 23, 2011-Apricus Biosciences secures FDA nod for second OTC anti-itch medicine(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The book includes tips on how to prepare the yard or campground before using, how to eliminate chiggers from house plants, how to take care of clothes after exposure to chiggers, what repellents to use, where to find natural anti-itch ingredients and more.
For troubled skin, Boots Expert Anti-itch Soother, pounds 4.
Your kit can include basics like bandages, aspirin and anti-itch cream, but should also include an adequate supply of any prescription medication you may take.
To relieve the itching and pain of the sting, doctors recommend applying an anti-itch medication.