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Twelve of those children were provided with anti-histamine medication while two cases required Epi Pen jabs which are required for severe allergic reactions.
In case of milder reactions, the venom was temporarily stopped and anti-histamines and analgesics were given.
The participants were also apprised about the latest research and techniques in the treatment of allergy patients and provision of effective anti-histamine medicines and appropriate use of nebulizers and inhalers by the patients.
The sufferers should acquire anti-histamine available over the counter at most pharmacies.
On first reading the names meant nothing to me, but I have discovered that quercetin is recognised as a good antioxidant and more recently as an anti-histamine so anyone looking for a natural substitute for the over-the-counter hay fever remedies could try eating plenty of onions.
We got a list of zero stock medicines in Gaza, like baby formula, paracetamol, anti-histamine tablets," Ibrahim Hamami, a Palestinian-Briton and family physician from Buckinghamshire, said.
If there is any swelling on their face or around the mouth, or strange breathing, call an ambulance and give anti-histamine medicine.
Quercetin, found naturally in onions, apples and black tea, is also noted for its anti-histamine activity.
Calpol Night is the first children's pain and fever medicine designed specifically for night-time use and it also contains an anti-histamine to aid restful sleep.
GCSE students with hayfever symptoms are 40 per cent more likely to drop a grade between their mocks and final exams - rising to 70 per cent if they are taking a sedating anti-histamine treatment, a study said today.
Joseph Cough Suppressant) or the anti-histamine diphenhydramine (found in products including Allerdyl, Benadryl, and Dytuss).
ANTI-HISTAMINE drugs for hayfever and dermatitis can be just as dangerous as two or three gin and tonics in affecting reaction times if the recommended dose is slightly exceeded, new research shows.
The HY * TEC BHR [TM] is a competitive assay based on a mouse monoclonal anti-histamine antibody-alkaline phosphatase conjugate.
Local skin reaction in one study has led to the recommendation that an anti-histamine be administered prior to infusion.