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a vacuum tube in which a hot cathode emits a beam of electrons that pass through a high voltage anode and are focused or deflected before hitting a phosphorescent screen

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ClearTouch Anti-Glare screen protector is designed for users who require maximum screen readability under sunlight and various outdoor lighting conditions.
The new Public Display Series generation offers a variety of features important to public display users, including the choice between an anti-glare screen (in the 42VP4D) for high ambient lighting conditions and an anti- reflective screen (in the 42VP4) for normal conditions.
Similar in appearance to an anti-glare screen mounted on the front of a computer monitor, the Z-Screen enables on-screen images to be displayed with realistic depth, making objects appear to have presence in the user's physical environment.
NEC is uniquely able to support growth in the public display market as the only manufacturer to offer plasma monitors with built-in features specifically for digital signage uses, such as an anti-glare screen, 3x3 matrix capability and programmable timer.
has entered into a supply agreement with Kensington Microwave Limited to market a proprietary new coated film anti-glare screen in the North American market.
A[cedilla] Type of keypad Touch screen interface coated with Tuff screen anti-glare screen protection
All you need in the box including bike mount, batteries, an anti-glare screen protector, 8 GB internal memory
The NOOK Simple Touch GlowLight, priced at GBP109, combines an E Ink display with a touchscreen, built-in anti-glare screen and an adjustable, evenly distributed light for reading in the dark.
This launch is said to augment a product line that includes the iPad Kneeboard Pro, external GPS devices, iPad Flight Bags and accessories such as in-flight power adapters, anti-glare screen protection, night vision pens and RAM mounts.
The new iESSENTIALS Anti-Glare Screen Protector fits the iPad's 9.
It also has a spill-resistant keyboard and an LED-backlit HD anti-glare screen.
Anti-glare screen protectors may keep the joystick from mounting to the front.
Attaching an anti-glare screen to your computer will also help cut down on the reflective light.
An anti-glare screen and mini visor both assist in keeping the sun off and the display clear, and it's ready to run straight from the box - just juice it up and you're away.