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prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality

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our data represent 6-month cumulative incidences, and therefore the actual lifetime prevalence of anti-gay harassment, victimization, and physical violence is certainly much higher.
Eighty-three thousand youth: Selected findings of eight population-based studies as they pertain to anti-gay harassment and the safety and well-being of sexual minority students.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A gay student who sued high school administrators in Reno, Nevada, for failing to stop anti-gay harassment today signed a settlement agreement that ends the lawsuit and offers broad new protections that will impact gay and lesbian students nationwide.
This issue arises again with a new report showing that the number of homosexuals discharged in 2001 from the military has reached its highest level in 15 years, and that incidents of anti-gay harassment climbed by 23 percent last year over the 2000 figures.
173) They may fear being fired; (174) being accused of violating state or local law; (175) being wrongly labeled as gay or lesbian; being "outed"; (176) or being targets of anti-gay harassment or violence themselves.
But good leadership only goes so tan Assume policies are put in place that address anti-gay harassment and violence.
NGLTF monitors hate crime legislation, discrimination, domestic partnership and sodomy laws, anti-gay harassment, and other issues in state capitals across the country.