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prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality

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Charges involving sexual harassment and anti-gay bias are serious matters.
Dolan insisted his opposition was based on promoting traditional marriage rather than anti-gay bias.
We That said, the gay men who booked in were activist troublemakers railroaded an change seeking an example of anti-gay discrimination: the gay rights group Stonewall had previously been in contact with the Bulls over their known anti-gay bias.
Worse, abstinence-only programs promote sexist gender stereotypes, spread dangerous misinformation about the efficacy of contraception and HIV prevention, and demonstrate pervasive anti-gay bias and ignorance about people living with AIDS.
In fact, the entire collection was repeatedly rejected for publication by mainstream presses precisely because of the inclusion of reflections that frankly discussed the love Hunt and Loney shared and the ways that anti-gay bias shaped the crisis itself.
Last year, the upset win of ``Crash'' over favorite ``Brokeback Mountain'' had many speculating about an anti-gay bias.
He also added that Shepard's mother remained convinced that anti-gay bias did play a role in her son's death.
Gay and lesbian print journalists had responded that coverage of gay/lesbian issues in their own newspapers was overwhelmingly poor to mediocre -- and that anti-gay bias pervaded many newsrooms.
This isn't the first time the school has been accused of anti-gay bias.