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a liquid added to the water in a cooling system to lower its freezing point

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And although they say a little anti-freeze isn't going to hurt you, obviously given a choice you don't want to be eating anti-freeze," he added.
Globaltherm[TM] EDT is used as a refrigerant anti-freeze in thermal fluid systems and offers the safety features of Globaltherm PG.
Anti-freeze After testing on the mainstream operating systems, Avant Browser shows an excellent ability of anti-freeze.
A vet later confirmed anti-freeze poisoning although it is not known if this was deliberate or accidental.
Just go to any store that sells the "pink" anti-freeze solutions and check to see what the ingredient is.
There have also been reports of other cats and a dog falling ill in after suspected anti-freeze poisoning on Colburn Terrace.
But blood tests found the deadly anti-freeze in her system.
Cats are attracted to the sweet taste of anti-freeze and do not know that it is poisonous," she said.
The latest research by the US Food and Drug Administration concluded that the cartridges used contain glycol ethylene, which is also contained in anti-freeze, said Bahrain Anti Smoking Society chairman Dr Kadhem Al Halwachi.
The cats were put to sleep after suffering vomiting, diarrhoea and fits and eventual kidney failure, caused by ingesting ethylene glycol - commonly found in anti-freeze.
The original source of anti-freeze proteins was cold-water fish, but now one type has been cloned into baker's yeast, Saccharonmyces cevevisiae.
Ethylene Glycol is one of the most commonly used latex solvents; it's also used in anti-freeze, known for its toxicity.
Features such as counters used for the sale of gasoline dispensed from pump islands and automobile supplies (such as oil, anti-freeze and window-washer fluid) are devoted to the marketing of petroleum products.
Police forensic tests on the dead animals have confirmed the cats suffered a cruel and painful death caused by a lethal dose of car anti-freeze.
Its test for fluid resistance--in which the material's resistance to gasoline, brake fluid, windshield washer solvent, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and diesel at 70[degrees]C is measured--showed a marked difference between the RRPE and EPDM parts.