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activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women

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The author has given details of the objections raised by the anti-feminist obscurantists in the Sangha.
TANF Marriage Promotion: A Windfall for the Religious Right and Anti-Feminist Organizations
Elton is not presented as an uncomplicated, anti-feminist harpy.
Sex sells," the most overused strategy of the '80s and '90s--think Jeff Koons no less than Calvin Klein--went hand-in-glove with the anti-feminist backlash.
A final chapter examines the personality of James himself, as revealed particularly in his anti-mendicant, anti-feminist predispositions and his pious and erudite enthusiasms.
This fear accounts for at least part of my anti-feminist colleagues' problems with my work.
Just as with anti-feminist Science Fiction, feminist utopias are said to "supply in fiction what their authors believe society .
The authors conclude that everywhere Christian fundamentalist defines itself as anti-Islamic, anti-communist, anti-Catholic, and anti-feminist.
Where else could you get the anti-feminist take on the Beijing Women's Conference?
Reports, for example, about the successes of British female doctors in India subsequently provided opportunities to refute anti-feminist arguments since they could be used to prove that English women were, indeed, "physically fit" to perform such demanding work.
Different clusters of women, each with separate socio-economic profiles and conservative or anti-feminist attitudes, were identified by campaign researchers and given cute names (e.
However critics have slammed the innovative clothing line, asserting that the garments are anti-feminist and "wrong on so many levels".
It is clearly an anti-feminist law that requires Bahraini women to talk on their mobiles whilst driving.
Therefore, some see Behn as a feminist and others as an anti-feminist.