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activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women

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Although secular feminists in the West frequently criticize the aims of this Islamic feminism as an oxymoronic anti-feminism, the Maghreby movement serves as proof that an Islamic feminist reform model can serve as a viable and pragmatic challenge to discriminatory laws.
His position is unpersuasive, and worse, unwittingly serves to validate the humanists' anti-feminism.
In making her case unequivocally against Halley's anti-feminism, however, Khanna follows a decidedly psychoanalytic tack, arguing rigorously with Halley's neglect of Bersani's Freudian background, especially, in making his (Halley's) case for the utilitarian appeal of certain queer speculations on sex by male theorists.
Anti-feminism was intertwined with elitism and racism.
I think this is both a serious omission and a dangerous one, given the current political climate in Ontario and the anti-feminism of such political forces as the Canadian Alliance Party rooted as it is in rural populist movements.
Anne Quema's book relies upon `what everybody knows', so that whilst the question of whether Lewis is modernist or avant-garde is meticulously examined, his authoritarianism and anti-feminism are simply assumed to exist.
Her wounds were self-inflicted; the withdrawal from the art world and the anti-feminism.
So much the worse for conservatives: A mass exodus of women from the work force is about as likely as a massive upsurge in support for feminist political activism - and Carolyn Graglia-style anti-feminism is about as relevant to the lives of most women as is Deborah Rhode-style feminism.
The state's conservative Republican governor, George Allen, has appointed several Religious Right activists to the board, including Michelle Easton, an anti-feminism crusader who sends her three children to private schools, and Kay Cole James, a dean at Pat Robertson's Regent University.
Martin shares the anti-feminism of Archie Bunker and is the antithesis of the funny but intelligent Heathcliff Huxtable.
Some, noting that a number of the non-survivors are women, have suggested anti-feminism lies at the root of the problem.
Genocide and slavery have taught the far right to signal racism in code, but anti-feminism and anti-gay bigotry is now the explicit socialism of fools.
difficult to pinpoint the boundaries between feminism, anti-feminism, post-feminism; various sub-genres of feminism (materialist feminism, psychoanalytic feminism, textualist feminism, separatist feminism, essentialist feminism, solidarity feminism); the new masculinism, old-fashioned bigotry, violent masculine reactionism; and apathy on the subject of gender.
The book loses its focus and becomes a rack on which the author hangs an assortment of gripes with the media, corporate America, and anti-feminism in general.
The same capacity for innovatory readings of Chaucer which are yet faithful to the text is shown in the discussions of betrayal, anti-feminism, the surrender of maistrye, through the figures of the heroines in The Legend of Good Women, of the Wife of Bath, of Constance, and above all of Griselda, where the suffering of woman is seen as exemplary of the suffering of God.