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activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women

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This may seem a world away from Trump's America, but it's a reflection of a broader phenomenon: right-wing governments all wielding anti-feminism as a political cudgel.
The definition of anti-feminism naturally hinges on how we perceive feminism, and a specific anti-feminist upsurge generally arises in response to a specific feminist campaign, such as for the suffrage or legalization of abortion.
An appreciation of the nexus between anti-feminism and anti-communism--a theme emphasized by Storrs--would have saved Clark from this error.
Nor, importantly, anything to tackle the vile anti-feminism that festers in some parts of the Muslim world and causes acts of great cruelty towards women.
This is not to downplay or dismiss "Glee's" significant contributions since its inception-its revival of the musical-drama format, its honest depiction of "alternative" lifestyles, its assault on the bastions of racism, homophobia, anti-feminism and bullying, etc.
What amounts to Islamic anti-feminism (not mere misogyny) is to be traced directly to the "caves of Qumran" along with a certain conception of God and salvation, as is evident, for example, in the Dead Sea text known in English as The Wiles of the Wicked Woman.
A FEW MONTHS AGO while testifying before the Office of Federal Contract Compliance, I noted that anti-feminism, like every form of discrimination, is destructive both to those who perpetrate it and its victims; that males, with their anti-feminism, maim both themselves and their women.
Relentless anti-feminism, postfeminism, heteropatriarchy, and individualism combine to undermine our attempts at political autonomy and collective action.
The German League for the Prevention of Women's Emancipation; anti-feminism in Germany, 1912-1920.
There's loads of subtext going on, too, if you're looking for depth - themes of sadism, neo-Nazism and anti-feminism.
Jamal Alwaye, ThanimaAAEs chief patron, opened the event saying Islam has shown the middle way for womenAAEs empowerment, between extreme feminism and anti-feminism.
Proudhon is often remembered for his anti-Semitism and his anti-feminism, charges which are difficult to deny.
The next chapter, "Second Wave Feminism: Seeking Liberation and Equality," picks up with the winning of the vote for women and carries all the way through to the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment and the rise of the right-wing anti-feminism of the 1980s.
The book's primary concern is the interplay of the humorous and brutal in the writings of Karl Kraus, Victor Klemperer, Veza Calderon-Canetti, and her husband Elias Canetti, all of whom were of Jewish origin and active during periods of anti-Semitism and anti-feminism.