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Millions of people are prescribed anti-depressants every year, and while the conclusions may seem surprising, Andrews asserted much of the evidence has long been apparent and available.
It is worrying that anti-depressants can be the first port of call for some doctors, despite the fact that 'watchful waiting' and talking therapies are recommended as the first line of treatment for mild to moderate depression.
Analysis showed people taking tricyclic anti-depressants had a much lower risk of glioma and lower risk of bowel cancer.
Prescriptions of anti-depressants have risen sharply during the economic downturn
They included anti-depressants regularly prescribed in the UK, including fluoxetine (Prozac), venlafaxine (Efexor) and paroxetine (Seroxat).
Depression is a genuine illness and people who take anti-depressants should not feel guilty for taking them.
Your friend should be made aware that some anti-depressants can exacerbate anxiety in the early stages of treatment before they become effective.
A post mortem revealed there was a high level of anti-depressant drugs combined with alcohol.
From Celebrex to anti-depressants, the commercialization of medical knowledge is resulting in a country which is increasingly overdosed and over-medicated, and in a medical world where doctors are continuously misled by pharmaceutical companies and biased studies: that's the message of OVERDOSED AMERICA: THE BROKEN PROMISE OF AMERICAN MEDICINE.
And he told guests at the British Book Awards in London that he avoided anti-depressants because: "If I take anything, I'm worried I'll get hooked.
Wellbutrin is just one of dozens of anti-depressants and one of thousands of prescription drugs on the market that contribute to a more than $210 billion industry in the U.
Warnings about these risks first surfaced in 2000 when a British Researcher gave a speech in Toronto on the harmful side effects of anti-depressants on teenagers and children, and both Britain and the United States have already taken steps to curtail their use.
success, where three-quarters of all anti-depressants are sold, to developing markets abroad.
No matter how great prescription anti-depressants can be in controlling the symptoms of depression, they cannot be effective if patients stop taking their medication because the side effects are odious.
He speaks of controlling the "symptoms" of depression (which he agrees anti-depressants can do), as opposed to curing the "disease" itself (which he thinks requires psychotherapy).
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