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The results found that out of 11,014 mothers who used anti-depressants in late pregnancy just 33 babies (0.
Platform 51's director of policy, campaigns and communications, Rebecca Gill, said: "These shocking figures reveal an escalating crisis in women's use of anti-depressants.
Don't stop pills till you see your doc Family casebook ANTI-DEPRESSANTS
It fears anti-depressants prescribed to dogs with behavioural problems such as barking and chewing furniture when left at home alone will mask, not treat, the true cause of the anxiety.
Anti-depressants are not mind-altering drugs to change your personality or sedate you, but a way of regulating the chemicals in your brain that have dropped and made you ill.
He defended his suggestion that anti-depressants may also help, explaining: "We try a variety of psychological therapies first but won't rule out anti-depressants, even in a child of four years.
Is it that these so-called mental health pros just don't know what is causing the negative human behavior so they classify everything as a disease and we get a lifelong prescription for anti-depressants.
JOANNE, Bournville A ISSUES about anti-depressants and their potential hazards have been in the news a lot, Joanne, and your question is one that everyone prescribed antidepressants should ask.
Now, she says the issues surrounding side-effects with anti-depressants are resonant of those which surrounded benzodiazepines.
On Tuesday, October 1, Darren told his mother he had taken two strips of sleeping tablets and some anti-depressants.
Swallow: With more than a million people in the UK taking anti-depressants daily, Tony Marchant's new drama is as realistic and topical as they come.
SAM-e is touted for depression with claims that it is as effective as prescription anti-depressants without any of their notorious side effects.
Long before the advent of modern anti-depressants, the reformed drunk, the religious convert, and Ebenezer Scrooge raised similar questions.
In addition, some data suggests that CRF1 antagonists may have a more rapid onset of action and a reduced side effect profile compared to currently marketed anti-depressants.
ONE in seven Scots are taking anti-depressants, figures have revealed.
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