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The international study -- a meta-analysis pooling results of 522 trials covering 21 commonly-used anti-depressants and almost 120,000 patients -- uncovered a range of outcomes, with some drugs proving more effective than others and some having fewer side effects.
Bernhard opined all anti-depressant are effective but we know that they all do not work the same way.
NSE: LUPIN), an Indian transnational pharmaceutical firm, has announced a deal with Astellas Pharma (TYO: 4503) that grants it the exclusive right to market the quetiapine fumarate, an anti-depressant, in Japan.
MORE than 1000 children were prescribed anti-depressants in Scotland last year, shock statistics showed yesterday.
Around 3,103 individuals covered by the Long-Term Illness scheme, which supports patients with certain chronic conditions, cIs card holders treated with at anti-depressant were prescribed the drugs last year at a cost of [euro]416,763.
Seroxat is Glaxo's branded paroxetine anti-depressant treatment.
THE Government's controversial "fit for work" assessment is linked to hundreds of extra suicides and thousands of prescriptions for anti-depressants, according to new research.
The anti-depressant properties of this medicine have been proved in a clinical study," Malaekeh went on to say.
Jeffrey Zigman, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry at UT Southwestern, and co-senior author of the study, said by investigating the way the so-called 'hunger hormone' ghrelin works to limit the extent of depression following long-term exposure to stress, they discovered what could become a brand new class of anti-depressant drugs.
Duloxetine delayed release capsules fall in the anti-depressants segment.
In this paper we review the available evidence about the role of inflammatory cytokines in the etiology of depression and the relationship between anti-depressant medication and cytokine levels in the body both before and after treatment.
Even if you prescribe someone an anti-depressant and that's all they get, there's a chance it won't work and it could make things worse.
The death of Ahmad Rezai, the son of a top Iranian official, was because of an overdose of anti-depressant drugs used to treat schizophrenia, a post-mortem in Dubai has concluded.
The Rumailah Hospital's pharmacy department has held its second scientific symposium on anti-depressant drugs with the aim of raising awareness on their proper usage.
Mrs Woodley's mother, Vera Sansbury, told the hearing her daughter turned into a "zombie" after taking the anti-depressant drug Citalopram.