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(meteorology) winds spiraling outward from a high pressure center

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Serreze and Barrett (2011), however, showed that the frequency of anti-cyclonic surface winds in the Beaufort Sea is fairly constant throughout the year.
This suggests that in medium-sized ice-covered deep lake basins with a similar bottom heat storage capacity, anti-cyclonic circulation in the upper layer and cyclonic circulation in the lower layer are formed.
Meteorologist John Kings of Birmingham University explained: 'Mr Das witnessed anti-cyclonic gloom, which is typical of our weather at this time of year with mist and drizzle for hours on end.
Weather in the middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere is produced by a continuous progression of cyclonic and anti-cyclonic air masses with their associated frontal systems.
This is due to the anti-cyclonic circulation of the whole system.
Washington, May 16 ( ANI ): Jupiter's trademark Great Red Spot - a swirling anti-cyclonic storm larger than Earth - has shrunk to its smallest size ever measured.
SIR - Students of astronomy are aware that the Great Red Spot on Jupiter is a great anti-cyclonic storm that has persisted for at least 400 years, and the winds of Uranus can reach speeds of 900 km/hour.
E-mailed photographs to colleagues soon established that Bubbles, as Frankie christened the waif, had probably been swept away from his home by strong anti-cyclonic currents.
From there, it only requires the typical anti-cyclonic circulation over southern Africa to advect the moisture south across Namibia.
From there, with the high pressure cell providing the anti-cyclonic push, it was just a matter of time before this system crossed Namibia from the north and produces some spectacular weather events over the Kaokoveld, Damaraland, the rest of the Erongo Region and in a north-west south-east band across the southern half of the country.
An anti-cyclonic upper air circulation dominated the northern half of Namibia.
In the upper layers, between 35,000 and 45,000 feet was a strong anti-cyclonic circulation with its core situated where the Sashi meets the Limpopo.
The moment it slips past the Cape on its perpetual eastbound journey, it becomes the engine that drives the anti-cyclonic circulation over the sub-continent.
This week's synoptic charts were dominated by an anti-cyclonic circulation which persisted with its core over the Karas region for most of the week.
Only from Monday onwards, does the high pressure core shifts enough to the east to resume the anti-cyclonic flow at the surface over northern Mozambique, Zambia and Angola to advect Congo air to the northern half of Namibia.
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