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Doctors have known about possible dangers from anti-convulsant drugs for many years.
Findings of a two-year Department of Health inquiry released yesterday disclosed the doctor had also prompted widespread fears by prescribing children combinations of up to five powerful anti-convulsant drugs About 400 families have already launched legal action against the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.
The clinic has found the most serious birth defects were in babies born to mothers who had been taking a combination of three different anti-convulsant drugs.
started the SJS Foundation after her daughter Julie contracted SJS from an anti-convulsant medication when she was only 11 months old.
DRUGS: Anti-convulsant drugs are the usual treatment and the dose is gradually increased until the seizures are controlled.
At the first meeting Dr Holton told the family Nikki should never be on more than two anti-convulsant drugs at a time.
An epileptic, Caroline asked her doctors for advice on whether to keep taking her anti-convulsant medication during conception and pregnancy.
The book also said that in 1968 Jack Dreyfus, founder of an investment firm, gave Nixon 2,000 capsules of the mood-altering drug Dilantin, an anti-convulsant used to counter epileptic seizures.
Now Alex wants other people with severe epilepsy to know that this diet may help them if anti-convulsant drugs have failed.
It was found during his time with LRI, between 1990-2002, he wrongly diagnosed 618 children, prescribing many powerful cocktails of anti-convulsant drugs.
The options are that you do not have to continue taking your anti-convulsant therapy and the very fact that you are seizure free, it may be because you are well controlled on your current anti-convulsant therapy and also it is always best to see your GP before stopping treatment which you have been taking for a lengthy period of time.
Currently the pain market is led by the anti-convulsant class, hich accrued sales of $11,574m in 2005 with the majority of revenue being derived from off-label use.
She believes she should have been told to come off the anti-convulsant before pregnancy.
Mothers allege that the anti-convulsant pill they took for epilepsy while they were pregnant left their babies with permanent mental and physical disabilities.
Zonegran(TM) is a novel anti-convulsant drug for the adjunct treatment of epileptic seizures.
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