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Synonyms for nonconformism

a lack of orthodoxy in thoughts or beliefs

the practice of nonconformity

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Billing itself as "the most alternative and anti-conformist beach [club] in Mykonos," this place attracts a young, mostly gay clientele, but all orientations are represented, sex on their minds.
Tie processes in the creative sectors involve the negotiation of affective bonding and anti-conformist bridging.
Witty, sophisticated and occasionally cold, Blur's third LP was rich in details and imageries: an anti-conformist record about a very conformist world.
For its part, the EPP-ED Group has chosen to defend the candidacy of the Russian investigative journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, assassinated in Moscow in October 2006, as well as her anti-conformist newspaper Novaya Gazeta.
Sapienza said that he had included Wilde in Provocations: Aphorisms for an Anti-conformist Christianity because he was a "writer who lived perilously and somewhat scandalously but who has left us some razor-sharp maxims with a moral.