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Having written music about religion, gender, anti-commercialism, and geography, her lyrical themes can be deep, but her lightness of touch on the acoustic guitar is just as thoughtful.
How about National Stop-Campaigning Week, National Anti-Commercialism Day or, the absolute ultimate, National Let's-Cram-As-Many-Days-Into-The-Calendar-As-Possible-So-We-Can-Make-The-Most-Amo nt-Of-Money Day (suggested date: February 30).
Another victory for the anti-commercialism forces, perhaps the most significant, came in 2004, when the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control became legally binding.
In July, an anti-commercialism group based in Portland, Commercial Alert, spearheaded efforts to get Congress to investigate marketing cell phones to children.
He also highlighted how players too could evoke anti-commercialism in promoting the connections between labor and republicanism.