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Antonyms for clockwise

in the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock

in the direction that the hands of a clock move

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Fluency--recall readily what quarter turns, half turns, full turns, clockwise and anti-clockwise mean
The stimuli consisted of 40 objects, 20 tall cylindrical objects compatible with a clockwise wrist rotation and 20 either of small size or possessing horizontal grasp axes that were compatible with an anti-clockwise wrist rotation.
Traffic was held briefly on the anti-clockwise stretch near the Pyramid while emergency crews moved damaged vehicles to the side of the road.
The Rolling Of Coils Should Be In Anti-Clockwise Direction With Grooved Edge On Left Side Of The Width & Flat Surface Towards The Upper Face.
e race will start and nish on Broncoed Industrial Estate, taking an anti-clockwise loop ascending to and through Nercwys, before descending back to the industrial estate.
The Highways Agency said the clockwise carriageway was shut from junction 23 - South Mimms, with the anti-clockwise carriageway shut from juction 25 - Cheshunt.
William Wright, 11, was left scratching his head because the shell curls in anti-clockwise shape, the opposite to most British snails.
With the other BaByliss styler, remember to wrap one section clockwise and the next anti-clockwise.
It is one of the few circuits to run anti-clockwise Race DRS zone The back straight before the hairpin at Turn 12 Weather Clear tomorrow and Saturday.
Craig, 21, and Stuart, 20, who are from Newbiggin, and Lee, 20, from nearby North Seaton in Ashington, dubbed their voyage "Land on our Left", as they have paddled around the UK coastline in an anti-clockwise direction.
Craig aS nd Stuart, who are from Newbiggin, and Lee, from nearby North Seaton in Ashington, dubbed their voyage Land on our Left, as they have paddled around the UK coastline in an anti-clockwise direction.
With two players, each player takes turns to hit the ball, one player hitting the ball clockwise, the other anti-clockwise, around the pole.
For the first time ever a 24-hours event is being run in an anti-clockwise direction at Kartdrome, a factor which has levelled the playing field and been well-received by teams and drivers.
The first phase is at Junction 4 on the anti-clockwise exit and entry slip roads, and the second phase will be at Junction 3 on the anti-clockwise exit slip road into Leeds.