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a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism

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A state university art display, which included a statue some argued sent an anti-Catholic message, does not violate the First Amendment, a federal appeals court has ruled.
The Catholic League suggests that author and former priest James Carroll should be recognized as "the biggest anti-Catholic bigot on the block," for his book, Constantine's Sword, the Church and the Jews: A History, an investigation of the church's response to the Holocaust.
Yet a militant response from church officials did not prevent Paul Blanshard's anti-Catholic tracts of the late 1940s and early 1950s from becoming bestsellers and may indeed have helped promote the books.
According to Dolan, "Many of the otherwise heterogeneous anti-Catholic texts written in response to the plot employ gender as one way of describing a terrifyingly new threat in familiar yet still disturbing terms" (47).
MacMillan had said he was embarrassed by anti-Catholic prejudice.
In Salt Lake Klan insistence upon absolute separation of church and state--part of the order's anti-Catholic rhetoric elsewhere--"clearly referred to the involvement of the Mormon church in secular affairs" (134).
With little first-hand knowledge of Catholicism, many Protestants were easy recruits for the anti-Catholic movement.
senator, was an anti-Catholic bigot who wanted to ensure that no Catholic institution ever got tax funds.
THE Kirk Moderator yesterday branded those who claim Protestants are anti-Catholic as liars.
In Biathanatos, similarly, Oliver notes "the contradiction between its anti-Catholic stance and the interest in integrating Catholic and Protestant modes of thinking" (168).
While, for the most part, these are innocent and harmless celebrations, there are some elements which are clearly anti-Catholic and which I much regret," said Bishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton, England.
Fear of the immigrant drove the first anti-Catholic movement in America, the Know-Nothings in the 1850s.
But without this frame, the Catholic hierarchy was able to turn ignorance to its advantage, decrying Sinead O'Connor as simply an anti-Catholic bigot - or worse.
What I most dislike is when people react intensely to something they haven't seen or when they call something anti-Catholic or anti-religious before they have seen it.
I was also aware that the culture around me--and most of my friends and family--held anti-Catholic views.