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It will also help to identify which anti-bacterial agent may be used to reduce or eliminate the spontaneous ignition.
There is no reason to presume a plant's anti-bacterial agents will work against human diseases, but we felt it was worth investigation.
Antibiotics have been the dominant anti-bacterial agents since they were discovered in the 1940s.
The remedy is effective because Cayenne pepper and garlic, both powerful anti-bacterial agents, promote perspiration, while lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids.
He found that the concentration of acid hops needed to kill germs was 100 to 1,000 times less than other, existing anti-bacterial agents.
Prolonged use of topical anti-bacterial agents may give rise to overgrowth of nonsusceptible organisms including fungi.
Sulfonamides bearing SO2NH linkage are being utilized as anti-bacterial agents since their discovery about 70 years ago.
Mudd Medicated Mask is 100 per cent clay that absorbs dirt and grease which can cause bacteria and has added anti-bacterial agents to prevent spots.
He mixed together a unique combination of normal barrier cream, aloe vera, vitamin E and jojoba oil, and combined it with powerful anti-bacterial agents and water repellent solutions.
Dallas, TX; 214-358-2000), a post-genomics drug creation company, announced that the company has created a new class of anti-bacterial agents specific to certain pathogenic bacteria.
This product is also suitable for problem skin as it contains anti-bacterial agents lavender and menthol.
A deodorant contains anti-bacterial agents such as triclosan which help prevent body odour by reducing the growth of bacteria, but this will have no effect on preventing wetness.
In the study's second stage, InVision-Plus - as the most effective connector from Stage 1 - was compared to two connectors impregnated with anti-bacterial agents.