surface-to-air missile

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a guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target

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BEIRUT: Israel has said it plans to halt the smuggling of weapons into Lebanon, after recent reports fears that Hizbullah was acquiring anti-aircraft missiles that would "violate the strategic balance" in the Middle East.
The airfield at Nis and an SA6 anti-aircraft missile site near Jakavic were also hit.
deployment of anti-aircraft missile networks in Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, said in a report: "The presence of anti-aircraft missiles considerably heightens the threat against Israeli aircraft, both military and civilian.
The allies also know that Yugoslavia has radar-guided batteries of anti-aircraft missiles.
Israel said that Hizbullah's acquisition of advanced anti-aircraft missiles could prompt a military response to destroy the systems.
US authorities are reportedly offering rewards of USD500 each to Iraqis who turn in shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.
The Associated Press quoted the officials as saying that Israel has scrambled jet interceptors and has aimed anti-aircraft missiles at aircraft that have been approaching Eilat.
Shiite resistance group Hizbullah now has the capability to install batteries of anti-aircraft missiles in southern Lebanon, weakening the Israeli aerial deterrence capacity, wrote Beirut daily AN NAHAR's senior columnist Sarkis Naoum, Tuesday.
The US and EU states are dragging their feet on sending heavy arms such as anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian opposition due to concerns over a possible seizure of such arms by al-Qaeda affiliated radical groups within the armed opposition.
The supply S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian regime was part of a larger arms deal between Syria and Russian which includes the supply of other missile systems.
Summary: Saudi Arabia plans to supply the Syrian opposition with anti-aircraft missiles to counter President Bashar .
The grim warning came after the European Union lifted its embargo on arming Syrian rebels and Russia hit back by vowing to provide anti-aircraft missiles to President Assad's regime.
We fully endorse President Hadi's call for a UN investigation into the consignment of weapons, including portable anti-aircraft missiles and explosives, captured off the Yemen coast," the spokesperson of UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said in a statement posted in the FCO website.
One official, discussing the shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles known as MANPADS, for Man-Portable Air Defense Systems, said "there are thousands of them" flowing out of Libya.