surface-to-air missile

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a guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target

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Sputnik went on to say that the Su-25SM3 fighter jet can stand against attacks by different models of anti-aircraft missile systems via utilizing a fits-back system.
Several anti-aircraft missiles were launched from Syria following the mission and IDF (Israel Defence Force) Aerial Defence Systems intercepted one of the missiles," the military (http://www.
Nevertheless, rebel groups stated that the two jets were downed with anti-aircraft guns, and not anti-aircraft missiles.
BEIRUT - Syria has asked Russia to speed up delivery of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, concerned about a possible US attack, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said in an interview published Thursday.
Now that software and improved chips give weapons lots of processing power, there's no reason anti-aircraft missiles could not be programmed never to lock on to, or try to hit, targets broadcasting a civilian identification code.
administration to clarify the reasons beyond providing moderate Syrian opposition of anti-aircraft missiles at this critic moment , where the crisis in Syria is going to be solved , she said .
In January, an Israeli airstrike in Syria destroyed a shipment of advanced anti-aircraft missiles bound for Hezbollah, according to U.
The shipments included anti-aircraft missiles and newly manufactured small-arms cartridges, which were seen on the battlefield in Syria, the report said.
The supply S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian regime was part of a larger arms deal between Syria and Russian which includes the supply of other missile systems.
Summary: Saudi Arabia plans to supply the Syrian opposition with anti-aircraft missiles to counter President Bashar .
We fully endorse President Hadi's call for a UN investigation into the consignment of weapons, including portable anti-aircraft missiles and explosives, captured off the Yemen coast," the spokesperson of UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said in a statement posted in the FCO website.
One official, discussing the shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles known as MANPADS, for Man-Portable Air Defense Systems, said "there are thousands of them" flowing out of Libya.
Occupied Jerusalem, (SANA)- In the framework of the Saudi-gulf involvement in funding and arming the terrorist groups in Syria to spread chaos and destruction in the country, former Head of the Saudi Intelligence Turki al-Faisal called for supplying these groups with anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.
London, July 26( ANI ): A Chinese journalist tried to infiltrate a London public housing tower which has anti-aircraft missiles installed on its roof thrice, even as tenants claimed their home has become 'a target'.