surface-to-air missile

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a guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target

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The S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system can engage almost all existing targets, including the ones under development, the hypersonic ones.
Several anti-aircraft missiles were launched from Syria following the mission and IDF (Israel Defence Force) Aerial Defence Systems intercepted one of the missiles," the military (http://www.
S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems will be transferred to the Khmeimim airbase in Syria," he said at a board meeting of the ministry of defense.
In November 2010, Iran successfully test-fired its sophisticated S-200 anti-aircraft missile systems.
The supply S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian regime was part of a larger arms deal between Syria and Russian which includes the supply of other missile systems.
Measures taken in line with the defensive anti-aircraft missile launcher project include providing maps for digging trenches, securing the centers against bunker buster bombs, and improving water and fire-fighting systems, IOPTC official Mehdi Salavati said.
The Islamic Republic announced Sunday that it has developed its first anti-aircraft missile system that it claimed surpassed the American Hawk missile system in quality.
The short-range anti-aircraft system consists of Giraffe AMB radar, command points, communications equipment, anti-aircraft missile devices and Mistral missiles and training equipment.
Tory Edward Leigh, Chairman of the cross-party Commons Public Accounts Committee, said it was "disgraceful" that its crucial anti-aircraft missile system had not been fully tested.
January 23, 2008 (ADDIS ABABA) -- Local authorities in the self-declared enclave of Somaliland said they seized 10 anti-aircraft missile launchers in the capital, Hargeisa adding they were brought from Eritrea.
The military is interested in unmanned aircraft for dangerous missions, such as attacking enemy anti-aircraft missile sites, or long boring ones, such as flying aerial surveillance for hours.
Military command in Baghdad wouldnot comment about the incident, which may have involved a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile.
It was caused by either a stray US missile or an Iraqi anti-aircraft missile which fell back to earth.
The provocation prompted military commanders in the South Korean capital Seoul to put an anti-aircraft missile unit into battle position.
Iraq responded with anti-aircraft missile and guns, INA said.