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advocating full legal protection of embryos and fetuses (especially opposing the legalization of induced abortions)


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But the anti-abortionist was criticised by pro-choice groups and the Catholic Church for removing vulnerable girls from society.
Not all of those misguided folk speak in a voice as threatening as that of anti-abortionist Randall Terry, who openly speaks of his goal of turning the United States into a "Christian nation.
On July 29, 1994, Paul Hill, a well-known anti-abortionist, murdered Dr.
Numerous restrictive proposals have been forthcoming from the anti-abortionist camp, while proposals from its supporters centre on the retention of the basic principles of Law 194, with modifications to ensure comprehensive implementation.
Thus, for example, since requests for abortion must be approved by a committee, opponents of abortion have called for including an anti-abortionist on each committee to evaluate the legitimacy of a woman's request for the procedure.
It is at best careless for such an outspoken anti-abortionist to be profiting out of a firm which helps fund the manufacture of pills used in abortions.
Dorries, a prominent anti-abortionist, said she was particularly keen to raise awareness of this issue through her time in Australia.
It's a shame that Horton's mantra of "a person's a person, no matter how small" has been hijacked by anti-abortionist campaigners in America, much to the annoyance of Seuss's widow, but that need not concern young audiences looking for an entertaining 90 minutes.
Sarah became a passionate anti-abortionist when her son Jacob was born four-months ago.
Skepticism helps one, as well, to question various theories about the terrorist attacks of 9/11 (page 18), ask if the Islam practiced in the United States is really comparable to the Islam practiced elsewhere (page 22), investigate the anti-abortionist claim that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer (page 7), and challenge "the myth that making profits and protecting the public interest are mutually exclusive goals" (page 26).
The unfortunate circumstances faced by Ms Hansell are being cynically exploited by the anti-abortionist lobby to generate media interest for the forthcoming general election.
Prime Minister Bertie Ahern's minority government could be brought down by anti-abortionist independent members of the Irish parliament.
Under cross-examination, he revealed was a pro-lifer and anti-abortionist.
If Bush did pay for a girlfriend's abortion and then became a fervent anti-abortionist, was his conversion genuine or was it a case of do-as-I-say-not-do-as-I-do?