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advocating full legal protection of embryos and fetuses (especially opposing the legalization of induced abortions)


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He was a regular among the protesters at Tiller's (and other) clinics and an intimate of the most violent fringe personalities in the anti-abortion movement and its militia-oriented cousins.
Consider the fact that from Doris Anderson to June Callwood, and Michele Landsberg to Morgentaler himself, dozens of feminist authors, activists, lawyers, healthcare providers and politicians--each one associated with the advancement of abortion "rights"--have been elevated to the Order of Canada, while not a single Canadian associated with leadership and excellence in the Canadian anti-abortion movement has been so honoured" (ibid).
However, pro-life leaders are undaunted and see the anti-abortion movement growing.
The Archbishop, spiritual leader to some 70 million Anglicans around the world, also notes the way the anti-abortion movement is becoming increasingly vocal, leading to a leading to a "real tension with this growing normalisation of abortion".
So here was a presentation on this supposed link, which again doesn't exist except in the lore of the anti-abortion movement.
She does set aside one chapter to attack the violent wing of the anti-abortion movement.
As Prevention magazine points out in an excellent article on the subject, the anti-birth-control wing of the anti-abortion movement has been emerging from obscurity over the last decade.
In the past I have always dismissed the anti-abortion movement and viewed them as extremists.
We are well aware that the political wing of the anti-abortion movement has long held ambition to screen a party political broadcast on national television.
But Dyer's presentation of Storer is not important to the American anti-abortion movement only because of its portrait of Storer's immense legislative impact.
Trouble is that here the Christian Right have as much support as tree worshipping in the Sahara, the anti-abortion movement is a fringe group, and "liberal" is hardly a word of abuse.
The formal reversal of Roe, in other words, might well have strengthened the reproductive rights movement in much the same way that Roe itself galvanized the anti-abortion movement.
In contrast to Calderon, Runner aligns with the anti-abortion movement and, in the past, has supported the school voucher system.
Insisting that human life begins at conception, the anti-abortion movement seeks to shock us into the awareness that abortion means killing--killing a human being rather than an animal, a bird, an insect, or a fish.