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advocating full legal protection of embryos and fetuses (especially opposing the legalization of induced abortions)


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Still, the anti-abortion movement did see setbacks after Congress didn't permanently write into law the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funds from being used to pay for abortions if the mother's life is not at risk.
Abortion: Stories Women Tell strives to lessen the stigma surrounding abortion, but its goal is sometimes undermined by the inclusion of the anti-abortion movement.
He was a regular among the protesters at Tiller's (and other) clinics and an intimate of the most violent fringe personalities in the anti-abortion movement and its militia-oriented cousins.
Abortion rights advocates said the verdict would send a message to the militant fringe of the anti-abortion movement.
The vigilantism associated with the anti-abortion movement is just one of many threads Zeskind weaves into a detailed portrait of what he calls the white nationalist movement.
He called on the anti-abortion movement to escalate its rhetoric and employ "confrontational" tactics.
But a leader of the anti-abortion movement derided the accused shooter as "a fruit and a lunatic.
Consider the fact that from Doris Anderson to June Callwood, and Michele Landsberg to Morgentaler himself, dozens of feminist authors, activists, lawyers, healthcare providers and politicians--each one associated with the advancement of abortion "rights"--have been elevated to the Order of Canada, while not a single Canadian associated with leadership and excellence in the Canadian anti-abortion movement has been so honoured" (ibid).
However, pro-life leaders are undaunted and see the anti-abortion movement growing.
The Archbishop, spiritual leader to some 70 million Anglicans around the world, also notes the way the anti-abortion movement is becoming increasingly vocal, leading to a leading to a "real tension with this growing normalisation of abortion".
So here was a presentation on this supposed link, which again doesn't exist except in the lore of the anti-abortion movement.
She does set aside one chapter to attack the violent wing of the anti-abortion movement.
The Washington Post ran a piece in early June about splits in the anti-abortion movement concerning the Supreme Court's Gonzales v.
students, Stephen Fell and Will Thompson, assigned to make a documentary about a person they don't know, wind up embedded in the anti-abortion movement with seemingly limitless access to everything from tactical training courses to interviews with key members of the Army of God in "Unborn in the USA.
The results, touching upon such disparate topics as mill workers in Georgia, Supreme Court cases in Virginia, cantantes in Texas, civil rights and the rhetoric of the anti-abortion movement most assuredly make significant contributions to their sub-disciplines as well.