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advocating full legal protection of embryos and fetuses (especially opposing the legalization of induced abortions)


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Wichita police said they were investigating any ties Roeder may have had to anti-abortion groups.
Conservative actions aren't novel, either, Voorhes notes; anti-abortion groups have frequently filed resolutions asking companies to stop contributing to certain causes or nonprofits.
Anti-abortion groups pounced on this, claiming it proved abortion at 24 weeks, currently the UK maximum, must cause the foetus pain.
The beleaguered California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, struggling to overcome three lawsuits filed by anti-abortion groups, has yet to award a grant.
The measure - sponsored by a Sacramento-area couple and backed by the Catholic Church and other anti-abortion groups - is designed to bring to California a law in effect in 17 other states that requires parental notification before an abortion can be performed on girls under 18.
Anti-abortion groups believe they can pass this into law this year.
At least three US states require by law that women considering an abortion should be told it will raise their risk of breast cancer, and anti-abortion groups are lobbying hard for this requirement to be extended to other states.
Anti-abortion groups have fallen out over a threat to expose and name staff who work in a city centre abortion clinic.
Anti-abortion groups know this perfectly well, but the bill is still more than a symbolic victory.
Hill, a father of three, has supporters who have maintained a website in his honour, with ballads and snapshots, but most major anti-abortion groups have repudiated him.
Lord Lester denied claims from anti-abortion groups that the Family Planning Association was seeking a change in the law.
CHURCH leaders and anti-abortion groups are preparing for the arrival of a floating abortion clinic in Irish waters.
But the figures upset the Catholic Church and anti-abortion groups.
Anti-abortion groups are fond of saying that abortion is a form of genocide, comparable to the Nazi Holocaust and other atrocities.
But anti-abortion groups are fiercely opposed to making the morning after pill more accessible.