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Antonyms for pro-life

advocating full legal protection of embryos and fetuses (especially opposing the legalization of induced abortions)


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It would be naive to think that anti-abortion campaigners won't try to change the law or to test the commitment of the Scottish Parliament over its new jurisdiction.
The study found users were conscious of the right of anti-abortion activists to express their views, but believed these rights ought to be balanced with the intimidating nature of their presence outside clinics - with presence rather than conduct the key factor for them.
However, images on social media appeared to show her close to the building yesterday with a group of people holding anti-abortion posters.
But that outlook, he said, does not prevent his group from endorsing certain anti-abortion bills that include the rape exception.
Attorney General Greg Abbott, addressing a boisterous anti-abortion rally at the Texas Capitol Saturday, said his chief Democratic rival in the governor's race was fighting to "return Texas to late-term abortion on demand.
In this carefully researched volume Jefferis, a professor of international security studies at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, examines the loose confederation of extreme anti-abortion activists who have participated or supported violent action in support of their cause.
PROTEST: Anti-Abortion demonstrators on Trinity Street (AC300411Xabor-01)
27 million in state grants in 2006, 2007 and 2008 to manage 55 centers that have distributed anti-abortion information to women over the years.
Representative Bart Stupak, a Michigan Democrat, says that unless the Senate's anti-abortion provisions are strengthened, perhaps a dozen House Democrats who voted for the House version won't vote for the Senate's bill.
Mr Tiller has long been a target of America's anti-abortion lobby.
A Dutch organisation has anchored a boat offering abortions off the Spanish port of Valencia, circumventing Spanish abortion laws and prompting protest from anti-abortion activists.
Jerry Rabinowitz claims that his polling place, Emmanuel Catholic Church, violates the separation of church and state because officials refused to cover religious objects, including an anti-abortion poster framed by crosses, reports the Palm Beach Post.
Jackman, a lesbian activist, noted that CUSA and a group like Lifeline have competing equality interests, she said that it would not be a radical position on the part of the student government to advocate women's equality rights over freedom of expression for an anti-abortion group.
Several dozen students at the University of Western Ontario protested against the appearance on their campus of Calgary anti-abortion debater Stephanie Gray of Calgary last March by taping their mouths shut and turning their backs to her when she spoke.
To use this phrase to describe a candidate should mean that the candidate is not only anti-abortion, but anti-capital punishment, anti-war (duh