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law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopolies

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To do so, the company would have to comply with certain anti-trust laws that IFETEL has yet to define.
The NAR must now also pay referral fees to Internet brokers as they would traditional brokers and designate an anti-trust compliance officer to educate members on anti-trust laws.
The Southern Idaho Potato Cooperative has filed a request with the United States Department of justice seeking an investigation into allegations that a major buyer violated anti-trust laws.
The Florida- based Psystar also accused Apple citing that its Mac OS X was violating anti-trust laws in term of its end user license agreement, which forbids the installation of the software on non-Apple hardware.
According to Automotive News, the commission stated that the sale did not break any anti-trust laws and therefore it has no reason to stop the sale.
Judge Pechman ruled that the state's beverage alcohol laws violated federal anti-trust laws (based on the Sherman Anti-Trust Act) and that the state's position was not protected by the 21st amendment, which gives individual states the right to define their own state beverage alcohol policy.
It is illegal to use the messenger model in a way that creates or facilitates collective decisions by physicians on prices or price-related terms that the anti-trust laws forbid.
com domain became subject to a lawsuit alleging breach of anti-trust laws.
In addition, it will gather information to see whether the oil industry has violated unfair business-practice statutes or anti-trust laws.
and Dickinson, and at the College Board National Forum to discuss the issue and to formulate, within the spirit of the anti-trust laws of course, some possible options for colleges to consider.
They would know that the so-called "robber barons" of the 19th-century were generally a plus for the nation, that anti-trust laws opened the way for monopolies while stifling competition, that government's assistance to 19th-century railroad builders impeded construction and "promoted waste and corruption," and that big business "made Americans better off.
Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft, is furious that the EU is interfering at all when Microsoft is already subject to anti-trust laws in America.
Gates is furious about the decision because Microsoft is covered by US anti-trust laws.
Given that last year a federal judge said the labels' own net music efforts could have broken anti-trust laws, there may yet be light at the end of the tunnel.
The court also found that the practice did not violate anti-trust laws, and that the state officials responsible for the practice were entitled to qualified immunity from damages asserted under [s ection] 1983, given the "novelty" of the action.