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an explosive mine hidden underground

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Anti-personnel landmines are prohibited under the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction, also known as "Mine Ban Convention", adopted in 1997.
Unexploded anti-personnel landmines litter the border between Croatia and what was once Yugoslavia.
Last year, the total number of civilian and military landmine victims in Colombia reached 1,041, according to statistics of the Anti-Personnel Landmine Observatory, a governmental entity whose mission includes locating and deactivating the explosives, educating the vulnerable population, and providing care and rehabilitation for the victims.
Textron Systems and ATK have been busy with a joint venture aimed at developing a hand-emplaced, tactical munition system for the US Army--a key element that will feature strongly in the Army's Anti-Personnel Landmine Alternatives (APL-A) initiative.
The 50-year-old has directed an event called Explosive Dance which will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday in aid of the British Red Cross Anti-Personnel Landmine Campaign.
It is a sad day when Canada's federal politicians and the Regular Army's officer corps jointly decide to deny Canadian soldiers the protection offered by such a basic defensive weapon as the anti-personnel landmine.
In April 2001, NATO's Partnership for Peace (PfP) expanded its anti-personnel landmine destruction trust fund to include small arms and light weapons, encouraging PfP countries to commit to destruction of surpluses and NATO member countries to financially support these efforts.
BRITAIN destroyed its last anti-personnel landmine yesterday three years ahead of schedule.
pledged to fight the use of anti-personnel landmine, which claimed the lives
The NSDA program is a key element of the Army's Anti-Personnel Landmine Alternatives (APL-A) initiative.
And, when detonated or exploded, produces an effect similar to a traditional anti-personnel landmine.
No British soldier will ever again lay an anti-personnel landmine.
Department of Defense program called Anti-Personnel Landmine Alternatives (APL-A), which is aimed at developing and fielding next-generation tactical barrier systems to replace anti-personnel landmines.
the two companies will propose a single concept for the Army's Non Self-Destruct Alternatives (NSD-A) to Anti-Personnel Landmine Alternatives (APL-A) program.
Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said: "This achievement is due in part to the work of the Princess of Wales, who did so much to focus the attention of the world on the horrific effects of anti-personnel landmines.