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Cormier, who wears the head scarf known as the hijab, said she has felt little anti-Muslim sentiment in her ethnically diverse community in Southern California until now.
By focusing almost exclusively on stepped-up security and declaring war against the backdrop of mounting anti-Muslim sentiment in the wake of the Paris attacks on an Islamist group with which France and Europe were already at war for more than a year, European leaders risk becoming IS's unwitting helpers.
The King said the current problems in the Middle East are global challenges that require military and economic cooperation, calling for pooling efforts to devise a global counter-terror strategy to protect Islam and address a mounting anti-Muslim sentiment.
We're seeing increased anti-muslim sentiment and Islamophobia as well as racism towards gypsy, Romany and travellers.
Apart from physical acts, anti-Muslim sentiment in the country varies from mayors refusing to have mosques built to resistance to halal meals being served in prisons or schools.
Despite the anti-Muslim sentiment of national political parties such as the conservative Front National, Roy said he is confident that over time they will grow to be more accepted by society at large.
The church is known for its anti-Muslim sentiment, which it considers integral to its identity.
The German president has urged his people to recognise that the religion of Islam and its followers have a legitimate place in Germany after a recent spike in anti-Muslim sentiment in the country.
He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was trying to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment.
Russia, he says, has used these media sources, as well as other instruments of soft power, to promote the idea that the Ukrainian government is inept as well as to stir up anti-Muslim sentiment towards the Tatars.
Murad appealed to the media to act responsibly and not "stoke up" anti-Muslim sentiment, and urged Muslim communities to unite.
Far right groups, such as the English Defence League, have been accused of manipulating Drummer Rigby's murder to stir up the kind of anti-Muslim sentiment that has seen up to 10 mosques attacked since the killing.
Unfortunately, the real impetus for bills like SB 58 is linked to anti-Muslim sentiment.
Scholars from the United States, the United Kingdom, other European countries, Russia and Turkey sought to define and understand the rather inexorable growth of anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim sentiment in the West.
The report also warned that European nations undergoing major demographic shifts have seen "growing xenophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim sentiment, and intolerance toward people considered the other.