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Exploiting anti-Muslim sentiment was also a feature of the 2012 and, of course, in the 2016 Republican presidential contests.
The bills broadly claim that their intent is to prevent "foreign laws" from being enforced in the United States, but critics, including Americans United, say the bills promote anti-Muslim sentiment.
Judeh pointed out that the OIC is now growing more important than ever, particularly with the spread of the danger of khwarej (outlaws of Islam) and their terrorist gangs that deliberately hijack and distort Islam and its civilization, which triggers anti-Muslim sentiment, terrorism and negative stereotypes across the world.
Valls' comments reek of hypocrisy, as he himself favors anti-democratic policies and the incitement of anti-Muslim sentiment, supporting calls for a veil (burkini) ban.
In its 2015 International Religious Freedom Report, the state department cited the January 2015 incident as serving to boost anti-Muslim sentiment in the mostly Christian country.
Citing a pattern of disproportionate disciplinary actions for black students in the Irving Independent School District and a history of anti-Muslim sentiment in Irving, the lawsuit alleges that Ahmed was discriminated against based on his race and religion.
The attacks could also re-ignite anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe which was already on the rise in the wake of the refugee crisis.
Not mine," one resident Daniel Joseph Grazulis said, in a statement which perhaps hints at his slight anti-Muslim sentiment.
We're seeing increased anti-muslim sentiment and Islamophobia as well as racism towards gypsy, Romany and travellers.
Apart from physical acts, anti-Muslim sentiment in the country varies from mayors refusing to have mosques built to resistance to halal meals being served in prisons or schools.
She said there had been a failure to tackle anti-Muslim sentiment and described the current climate within the Muslim community as one of concern, worry and fear.
Anti-Muslim sentiment, flagged several years ago, prompted the White House to order an assessment of the intelligence community's training materials and policies--but that never happened, the letter charges.
The voices nourishing anti-Muslim sentiment across Europe come from all sides of the political map.
Whether it is whipping up anti-Muslim sentiment in London or hanging around the Union Flag riots in Northern Ireland, he is never far away from trouble.
But there is a strong anti-Muslim sentiment among the population, of which about 90 percent are Buddhist.