Anti-Masonic Party

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a former political party in the United States

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The Anti-Masonic movement in the early nineteenth century reduced the number of lodges in America significantly, when the first and only Anti-Masonic presidential candidate received less than two percent of the national vote, Masonry again began to thrive and flourish.
But it is an old and recurring mode of expression in American public life, as evinced by the anti-Masonic movement in the 1820s, the anti-Catholicism of the 1850s, Populists' claims about an international banking conspiracy in the 1900s, and Senator Joe McCarthy's "immense conspiracy" of the 1950s.
anti-Masonic movement in Massachusetts and was against slavery expansion in Massachusetts.
Their secret oaths and rituals had long caused rumors and gossip, which after 1826 led to various anti-Masonic movements and the establishment of the Anti-Masonic Party.