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a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism

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71) That is how Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon: he neutralized anti-Catholic sentiment while rallying Catholics, including Catholic Republicans, to his support.
Hoping to stir up anti-Catholic sentiment against Kennedy, the ploy backfired as many Protestants rejected Criswell's position with the end result being a Senate investigation of Hunt.
Moore devotes the first two chapters to the ways in which southern Catholics encountered anti-Catholic sentiment and collectively responded to such prejudices.
In this milieu the Klan arrived in the early 1920s, building on anti-Catholic sentiment in Evansville.
Still, "Among evangelical churches there is often a strong anti-Catholic sentiment and discourse.
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, on a wave of anti-Catholic sentiment, many states had passed prohibitions, constitutional and legislative, against funds for nonpublic schools, laws aimed at Catholic parochial schools.
Critics have accused Brown of whipping up anti-Catholic sentiment and exploiting the post-September 11 fear of religious fanaticism.
His actions may well have intensified and maintained anti-Catholic sentiment in Australia, and especially in Victoria, for many years.
3) Do you, the Free Press, repudiate the anti-Catholic sentiment contained in this cartoon?
Contrary to the popular notion that anti-Catholic sentiment exists disproportionately among evangelical Protestants, only 29 percent of this group view Catholicism unfavorably, compared with 30 percent of Protestants in general.
The sisters adopted the bonnet to avoid "nun-like" clothing as a way of protecting themselves from anti-Catholic sentiment at that time.
Instead, the Republicans chose to capitalize on anti-Catholic sentiment.
Anti-Catholic sentiment figured in Anglo Texans' opposition to Mexican rule, 1821-1836.
He said The Insurgent cartoons are the latest expression in a long history of anti-Christian and anti-Catholic sentiment in Oregon, and they belie the community's perception of itself as diverse and open.
For those who cannot separate fact from fiction or wish to define their faith by anti-Catholic sentiment, the novel may be filling a spiritual void: if one stands for nothing he may fall for anything.