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a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism

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71) That is how Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon: he neutralized anti-Catholic sentiment while rallying Catholics, including Catholic Republicans, to his support.
Scholars examining this cultural obsession sustained through didactic texts, propaganda and scholarship (7) have directed little attention to the particular role white, middle-class Protestant women played in nourishing anti-Catholic sentiment in the late 19th century--in teaching, in other words, xenophobia and religious intolerance as a patriotic duty and constitutive element of laudable white womanhood.
And, because Protestantism itself--originally founded on a revolt, a bitter one at that, against Roman Catholicism--was the main carrier of anti-Roman sentiment, it is only natural that as the influence of Protestant thinking has waned, so has anti-Catholic sentiment.
Chapter 9 explores differing responses to the issue of papal infallibility and the First Vatican Council, and chapter 10 takes the reader to the end of the century, with a waning of anti-Catholic sentiment, a "reflowering" of Catholicism, and a discussion of how "aspects of Decadent aesthetics are informed by a sense of sin and a longing for purity, both of which are dramatized for some writers in Catholic ceremonial" (48).
MOST AMERICAN CATHOLICS would look at you blankly if you asked them to enumerate the number of times in their lives they had experienced anti-Catholic sentiment.
Hoping to stir up anti-Catholic sentiment against Kennedy, the ploy backfired as many Protestants rejected Criswell's position with the end result being a Senate investigation of Hunt.
In Missouri, anti-Catholic sentiment has periodically waned and waxed.
Moore devotes the first two chapters to the ways in which southern Catholics encountered anti-Catholic sentiment and collectively responded to such prejudices.
In this milieu the Klan arrived in the early 1920s, building on anti-Catholic sentiment in Evansville.
Still, "Among evangelical churches there is often a strong anti-Catholic sentiment and discourse.
Critics have accused Brown of whipping up anti-Catholic sentiment and exploiting the post-September 11 fear of religious fanaticism.
His actions may well have intensified and maintained anti-Catholic sentiment in Australia, and especially in Victoria, for many years.
seems, anti-Catholic sentiment is a recent development and limited to
In Moffatt's vision of the Charlestown academy, the daughters of the aristocracy would enroll in her school, untouched by popular anti-Catholic sentiment in Boston, and their spotless white dresses and pink sashes would calm the opposition.
Contrary to the popular notion that anti-Catholic sentiment exists disproportionately among evangelical Protestants, only 29 percent of this group view Catholicism unfavorably, compared with 30 percent of Protestants in general.