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Antonyms for pro-life

advocating full legal protection of embryos and fetuses (especially opposing the legalization of induced abortions)


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Bauer called this "democracy in action" In reality, it was a well organized, right wing pressure group's threat to disrupt the convention that forced an anti abortion agenda on the Republican party.
In short, many studies which favor anti abortion beliefs are flawed because of very small samples, unrepresentative samples, poor data analysis, lack of control groups, and unreliable or invalid research questions.
Some psychiatric studies, along with much of today's anti abortion literature, tend to cast women who have abortions into one of two roles: victim or deviant (although these terms are not necessarily used).
Books written by anti abortion advocates that deal with post abortion effects are, by and large, heavily infected with bias.
His support for the most vigorous anti abortion position was evident in his tough 1974 reelection campaign, the first post Watergate election, in which Republicans were on the defensive because of President Richard Nixon's resignation to avoid impeachment and revelations of wrongdoing at the highest level of the executive branch.