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l; Austria) for Achillea moschata, Artemisia genipi, Anthyllis vulneraria subsp.
To stud at 4 and dam of: Anthyllis (1998f by Lycius; winner), Apolyont (1999c by Midyan; winner), Aloe (2001f by Lomitas; winner), Adlerflug (2004c by In the Wings; Classic winner), Abydos (2005c by Monsun; unraced to date).
Best New Mass Haircare Product: A'kin] Lavender & Anthyllis 24 Hour Intensive Moisture Leave-In Conditioner & Styler
One long-tongued bee pollinates the blossoms of lady's fingers, Anthyllis vulneria, without any illicit chewing.
Predicting demographic change in response to herbivory: a model of the effects of grazing and annual variation on the population dynamics of Anthyllis vulneraria.