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Due to the diversity of the local melliferous flora, various types of honey are produced according to collection frequency per year and apiaries proximity to plant associations dominated by Rosmarinus officinalis (honey of Azir), Origanum compactum (honey of Zaatar, acrid taste), Arbutus unedo (honey of Sasnou or Mrouna), Anthyllis cytisoides (honey of Thargouith), Ziziphus lotus (honey of Sedra), Eucalyptus spp.
Para su realizacion, se han empleado ejemplares de las siguientes especies medicinales: Anthyllis vulneraria L.
Fruit-set and seed weight variation in Anthyllis vulneraria subsp.
To stud at 4 and dam of: Anthyllis (1998f by Lycius; winner), Apolyont (1999c by Midyan; winner), Aloe (2001f by Lomitas; winner), Adlerflug (2004c by In the Wings; Classic winner), Abydos (2005c by Monsun; unraced to date).
One long-tongued bee pollinates the blossoms of lady's fingers, Anthyllis vulneria, without any illicit chewing.
Predicting demographic change in response to herbivory: a model of the effects of grazing and annual variation on the population dynamics of Anthyllis vulneraria.
There are areas of garrigue with kermes oak (Quercus coccifera), Ulex parviflorus, grey-leaved cistus (Cistus albidus), the European fan palm (Chamaerops humilis), and other areas of matorral with rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and Anthyllis cytisoides.
Examples of dark-requiring species include Poa alpina (Acharya, 1989; Schwienbacher et ah, 2011), Trifolium pallescens (Schwienbacher et ah, 2011), Anthyllis vulneraria subsp.
0,09% 0,16% HALORAGACEAE Myriophyllum alterniflorum LABIATAE Lamium amplexicaule 0,22% 0,29% Lavandula stoechas 3,75% 5,13% 0,58% 0,88% Mentha aquatica 1,28% 1,72% 0,04% 0,01% Salvia verbenaca 13,05% 17,23% 0,53% 0,90% LEGUMINOSAE Anthyllis sp.
John's Wort and anthyllis to smooth and fortify thy, sensitive skin.
The owner of Anthyllis, an organic skin care shop on Edinburgh's Haymarket Terrace, says the secret to looking good as you age is feeling con dent about the way you really are rather than trying to turn back the clock.
The vegetation in these mountains is typically dry, spiny scrub formed by large thorn cushion plants such as the hedgehog broom (Erinacea anthyllis, Leguminosae) and the crucifer Vella spinosa, which in addition to protecting themselves from the wind and cold defend themselves from herbivores with thorns.