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the representation of objects (especially a god) as having human form or traits

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As Tyler notes, Foucault called this anthropomorphism of mind and world 'transcendental narcissism' (p125).
The term yekara, "glory," is also utilized to avoid anthropomorphism, but it reflects the impact that God makes upon humans.
4) God is khilaf al-'alam--"the absolute divergence from the world"--and this characteristically Islamic doctrine of mukhalafa, "(divine) otherness," precludes divine corporeality and anthropomorphism.
13) This ancient Near Eastern/Semitic transcendent anthropomorphism stands in stark contrast to normative Islamic notions of divine transcendence.
22) It thus should come as no surprise that it is in traditionalist Sunnism that this ancient Semitic transcendent anthropomorphism survived well into the sixth/twelfth century.
It is a transcendent anthropomorphism not in form but in its effect, approachable only by the most holy, and absent in material form in the cult .
No doubt the signature feature of this Israelite transcendent anthropomorphism is a brilliant luminosity that is the morphic manifestation of God's signature holiness.
55) The best example of transcendent anthropomorphism in the Bible is the inaugural vision of Ezekiel (Ezek, ch.
Anthropomorphism did not, of course, originate with Ezekiel; the Bible offers many anthropomorphic descriptions of the Deity .
the extrinsic expansion of visual perception is one way or the other bending them to resemble us, and anthropomorphism is usually the main culprit.
The accusation against anthropomorphism as a serious error, as many critics have observed, comes from a logical bias of anthropocentricism.
The controversy revolving around anthropomorphism is usually a question of "have" and "have-not.
The fear of anthropomorphism is basically a professional ennui to shy away from the academic responsibility on the one hand, and on the other, it is anthropocentrism at work to preserve the self-interests of human beings.
The living whale seems also like a taboo vocabulary of anthropomorphism for him, and immediately it is filtered out of his cognitive mind.
As Haraway comments, "Belief that one is protected from anthropomorphism by using a term that is already considered technical would be laughable if it were not so damaging to science.