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the representation of objects (especially a god) as having human form or traits

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I will now begin detailed analysis of historical evidence showing how early cinema's fascination with objects subject to a mixture of magical manipulation and anthropomorphisation was anticipated by Wells's writings; and I will demonstrate equivalent affinities in Joyce by comparing the slew of invisibility pictures of the late 1900s with trick-films shown at the Volta.
To avoid the implicit anthropomorphisation in terms such as 'ethics,' we will be looking at agents 'final goals'--the ultimate objectives they are aiming for.
How can suffering, the pathos of suffering, be posed as an ecological reality without running the risk of anthropomorphisation or reification?
on my couch", "solitude") and, on the other, his longing for a community, which manifests itself both in the anthropomorphisation of the flowers (e.
But this anthropomorphisation of stones and rocks isn't simply an ancient British and Irish phenomenon, but a tradition with a worldwide distribution: humans in general can be transformed into stones in more than 20 different cultural traditions, including those of Lithuania, Greece, China, the Pacific islands, Greenland, Alaska and Brazil.