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the representation of objects (especially a god) as having human form or traits

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Vatulele (Ewins 1995: 23-74) is especially remarkable, with approximately 95 painted face motifs, anthropomorphs, birds, watercrafts, negative hands and geometrics.
A unique rock painting of an anthropomorph from Dauan features a distinctive design--an outlined 4-pointed star with a circle in the middle.
A total of 26 determinate pictures were documented--only two of which required computer enhancement in order to be labelled as a determinate image (an anthropomorph and a notched-rectangle shape), while several others had their design elements clarified using this technique.
8) overlapped to an elephant and to an anthropomorph respectively, in the Elephants' Frieze, to the Arabic sings carved on rock-art station 25 of OK6 area.
The only exception would be an anthropomorph associated to a bovine with horns in skewed perspective, although this case would be an exceptional example in Oukaimeden rock art.
Because this is a relatively rare form of anthropomorph, the known distribution may be restricted to areas which have been systematically or saturation recorded (i.
At Kabadul Kula (site Dauan 1), on the island of Dauan in north-western Torres Strait, is a painting of an anthropomorph with a fish effigy headdress topped by a feather dheri (itself a traditional form of headdress or mask).
For example, two widely separated sites containing examples of a very similar and distinctive large anthropomorph were found to have totally unrelated Dreamings.
The enhanced images include underlying non-figurative motifs (Figure 3), an insectlike motif (Figure 6), an anthropomorphic face and possible nearby shield (Figure 7), and an anthropomorph with a fish head-dress of a type used historically in Torres Strait (Figures 8 and 9).
It is this figure, resembling the anthropomorphs depicting rock spirits or shamans on extant cave walls, who is writing the mother's memoir.
53) Displaying images of horses, boats, and numerous anthropomorphs, as well as sacred designs that are replicated in woven fabrics for traditional Fataluku marriage offerings, the cave paintings display aspects of the history and culture of Fataluku people that offer clues to the origins of human habitation in the area.
At similar panels in the San Rafael Swell, Suzette says, deep holes have been pecked into the hearts of these angular anthropomorphs.
Tenerife can be reached in six days from Europe; African anthropomorphs can be transported there without issue straight from Cameroun.
ABSTRACT: This paper focuses on two unknown Levantine art anthropomorphs with antennae headdresses from Cova dels Rossegadors, and in the other figures with antennae headdresses of this rock art site.
But there is nothing remotely indebted to fashion in her solitary anthropomorphs, posed like sentinels from an era of repressed decorum, sometimes accompanied by allegorical beasts.