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While this bias by many a-religious anthropologists toward Christianity generally, and Christian anthropologists more specifically, is clear, I believe that other factors have contributed to a perception of a small number of Christian anthropologists.
The generation of anthropologists working in the early twentieth century faced a very different world from that of the evolutionists.
Clarke, Chris 1986 'Formation of applied or professional associations of anthropologists in Australia: A Western Australian view', Bulletin Australian Association for Applied Anthropology 6:18-22.
Both Janie Crawford of the novel and the I of Hurston the real-world anthropologist "radically envision the self as central" (Christian 175).
Among monkeys and apes, all females appear to have what anthropologist Robin McFarland calls ``an enhanced ability to accumulate fat.
Historians and anthropologists will find the quantitative studies of the Athenian matrimonial contracts and the consequent discussions useful.
A team led by anthropologist Kristen Hawkes of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City previously theorized that as far back as 2 million years ago, females began to routinely live long enough to reach menopause.
Haglund, a Boston-based forensic anthropologist who is leading the digging operation.
The ostensible purpose of this book is to provide the reader with opinions from a "small group of ethnographers from four different countries, each with a variety of experiences studying war, violence, the military, and the state" in an effort to examine the relationship between anthropologists and the national security state.
Anthropologists and other investigators are using their new, more extensive language trees to trace the historical relationships of different cultural groups, from people conversing in Gujarati and Hindi to those speaking Navajo and Quecha.
Beginning in the 1980s, with the advent of new methods of analysis, some anthropologists have argued for splitting up H.
Anthropologists are digging for answers in the debate between these two ideas.
He and other anthropologists are curious about how the residents of Chaco Canyon motivated outlying Anasazi communities to provide large amounts of resources and manpower.
Anthropologists usually don't find the skeletons of long-dead toddlers when digging into ancient ground.
erectus ventured into eastern Asia long before most anthropologists traditionally believed.
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