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It is this underlying material aspect of our existence which anthropologists, such as Harris, considered to be the driving force behind creating different cultures in response to different circumstances.
The ostensible purpose of this book is to provide the reader with opinions from a "small group of ethnographers from four different countries, each with a variety of experiences studying war, violence, the military, and the state" in an effort to examine the relationship between anthropologists and the national security state.
The Native Title Anthropologist Grants Program (NTAGP) was established to address an identified shortage of experienced native title practitioners and difficulties attracting and retaining early career anthropologists (AGD 2010:1).
One of the first anthropologists to make contact with them and to study them was American Napoleon Chagnon.
All too often the perspective of both a-religious anthropologists and some Christian anthropologists has been that the discipline of anthropology, at its very core, is a-religious, and Christians who engage in anthropology are interlopers.
In fact, were it not for the field research of Wissler and many of his contemporaries, including Kroeber, Lowie, Mooney and a host of other anthropologists, we would know far less today about Plains Indian peoples and their rich material culture.
DEVELOPING DOUBTS Some anthropologists see the new report from Jacob's group as a confirmation of their suspicions--largely stimulated by the modern-looking stone tools found with the Flutes fossil--that the bones come from Stone Age people, not a new species of human ancestors.
David Frayer, an anthropologist at the University of Kansas, isn't sure why the holes were drilled.
Katherine Dunham was a world-famous dancer, choreographer, author, anthropologist, social activist and humanitarian.
In 14 essays, anthropologists and an activist write about their experiences with obesity and how it became an obsession in American society.
It's the abuse of the process that angers many archaeologists and anthropologists.
While kinship studies went out of fashion among many anthropologists in the 1980s, (1) that was the decade when China historians and anthropologists began collaborative investigations of regional and historical variations on the lineage.
Although I understand his criticism, I strongly object to his hard words about how Western powers have used "so-called" anthropologists and missionaries to "rule" over Africans.
Identified by Laura Nader as the "phantom factor," anthropologists all too often fail to acknowledge our intellectual forefathers and that many of our longstanding traditions were profoundly influenced by government institutions.
To be sure, this development provides Walker with an opportunity to critique the professional arrogance of anthropologists who, as is in the case of Robinson, seem to believe that it is enough simply to study other people rather than to apply the wisdom of the so-called "subject" to the confusion of their own lives.
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