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Synonyms for ethnography

the branch of anthropology that provides scientific description of individual human societies

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Taboo--Sex, identity and erotic subjectivity in anthropological fieldwork.
Unlike anthropological fieldwork undertaken as part of a research project, for the IFC fieldwork and analytical research were largely distinct tasks.
But more than anything else, her book is an account of her anthropological fieldwork conducted in and among segments of the Reformed Christian churches, and the homeschooling movement.
His co-edited collection with Margaret Willson, Taboo: Sex, Identity and Erotic Subjectivity in Anthropological Fieldwork articulates parameters of the interdiction against recognizing that those who go into the field do not cease to have sex or gender, or sexuality.
The editors, anthropologists Bruce Rigsby and Nicolas Peterson, sum up the broad range of his scholarship and his concerns: 'he not only carried out major anthropological fieldwork .
In classical anthropological fieldwork, a researcher lives among a people for extended periods of time, learns their language, participates in their world through the days and seasons, and builds from these cumulative experiences a theory of how the world works based, one hopes, on the people's worldview.
So the story of Fonseca Cardoso's move to anthropological fieldwork in the colonies emerges as an equivocal event in his life: a severe break in his personal and collective plans, an emotionally painful separation from his wife and children, and an event blocking the course of action he expected to follow in the science of anthropology in Portugal.
Annie Margaret McArthur did anthropological fieldwork in the Kunimaipa River region of Papua between 1953 and 1957.
Its rich array of historical materials is supplemented by the author's anthropological fieldwork in Wuxi.
This technique gives the reader an insight into Harney's personal journey (including the various bumps and sharp turns he encountered along the way) through the anthropological fieldwork experience.