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a change in the world's climate

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Either way, the hypothesis that the global rise of asthma is an early impact of anthropogenic climate change still stands.
Sawyer 23-26), scientists evoked Hemingway's description of the ice resting on the mountaintop not simply to highlight the beauty of the ice field but also to reinforce and popularize the message of the anthropogenic climate change.
Anthropogenic climate change is merely a symptom of a far more profound emergent reality.
A CSIRO report of a scan of available polling data, conducted in 2011, showed that across a range of polls, women were 6% to 11% more likely to accept the truth of anthropogenic climate change and consequently support action.
The continued development of JeDI and a re-analysis several decades from now will enable science to determine whether jellyfish biomass and distribution alter as a result of anthropogenic climate change.
Ballard are listed, though the trend nowadays is that authors are tackling issues related to anthropogenic climate change.
Misrepresentation and out of context quotations are a tactic used by lobby groups to spread doubt about the scientific evidence on anthropogenic climate change.
Of course conditions for humans and other complex life will become impossible much sooner - and this is being accelerated by anthropogenic climate change.
So it is with the present mania for anthropogenic climate change.
Since places all over the globe are simultaneously being pushed near or past normal variability, it strengthens the case that Antarctica has also been influenced by anthropogenic climate change, Steig says.
That's even before you start worrying about nanotechnology, anthropogenic climate change, big asteroid strikes and all the other probable and possible hazards of existential proportions we face.
BACKGROUND: Anthropogenic climate change will affect global food production, with uncertain consequences for human health in developed countries.
These structural contradictions of political democracies in the era of corporate capitalism have intensified since Dewey's time, and have been brought into sharp relief by the phenomenon of anthropogenic climate change.
Compared to his predecessor, Lee Raymond, Tillerson is something of a moderate, having publicly acknowledged the fact of anthropogenic climate change.
Could it be that the reality of anthropogenic climate change and the culpability of corporate capitalism simply rests easier with liberals than with conservatives?