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a change in the world's climate

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in how far anthropogenic climate change has contributed to the event's likelihood and strength.
Does the novel productively shed light on anthropogenic climate change, illuminating the necessity of preserving dying ecosystems?
Such a slowdown is consistent with the projected effects of anthropogenic climate change, where warming and freshening of the surface ocean from melting ice caps leads to weaker overturning circulation, but over the time periods we studied, it's not possible to say whether the slowdown is related to natural climate variability or to climate change caused by human activity," explains DeVries.
The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, is an ardent opponent of environmental regulation and a denier of anthropogenic climate change.
This ability to buffer ambient environmental conditions will become especially important under forecast temperature increases as a result of anthropogenic climate change, with extreme temperature events predicted to increase (IPCC 2013).
Bush's tacit minimizing of the problem to Republican officials' refusal to acknowledge the scientific evidence supporting anthropogenic climate change.
In a June report released by the University of Queensland and the Queensland government, researchers recommended that the Bramble Cay melomys' status officially be changed from endangered to extinct, writing that the extinction was due "solely (or primarily) to anthropogenic climate change.
However, individuals have been more willing to attribute long-term climate shifts to human causes after they had been informed of the scientific consensus of anthropogenic climate change (Lewandowsky et al.
At the beginning of the 3-year project, village health workers were aware of changing weather patterns, even if unaware of anthropogenic climate change.
Under anthropogenic climate change -- human made -, the likelihood, the frequency and the strength of climate related disasters will increase," Donges said.
Not one of the reports we read considered that perhaps the reason that many teachers do not accept anthropogenic climate change is because neither do many scientists.
We must also accept the reality of anthropogenic climate change and do our part to stop global warming in its tracks.
Despite 1970s-era dictates, and the construction of the Interstate Highway System, and the roughly $2 trillion in subsidies to fossil fuels that governments around the world shell out each year, and so on, anthropogenic climate change is presented as the sort of disaster that inevitably happens when you leave things up to the chaos of the free market.
Anthropogenic climate change is driven primarily by the emission of
future anthropogenic climate change could worsen conflict outcomes across the globe in comparison to a future with no climatic changes, given the large expected increase in global surface temperatures and the likely increase in the variability of precipitation across many regions over coming decades," the surveys authors conclude.