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In: Global Pesticide Resistance in Anthropods (Whalon ME, Mota-Sanchez D, Hollingworth RM, eds).
Their latest single, Anthropods, with its layers of soaring strings and guitars is a case in point.
Ottawa: Biological Survey of Canada (Terrestrial Anthropods).
Tai-Kadai anthropods: A preliminary biolinguistic investigation.
Yellow fever epidemics are caused by an arbovirus, one of the 570 known viruses carried by anthropods. Of these viruses, approximately 100 cause human disease, and of these only 1 causes yellow fever.
anthropods can have two brains, ears on their knees and tasters on their feet?
Their topics include the diagnostic criteria of death as the result of starvation, skull injuries caused by blows with glass bottles, primary cerebral neoplasms as a cause of sudden death, diagnostic issues of infant and early childhood asphyxiation deaths, complex and occupation-related suicides, a survey of methods for postmortem diagnosis of viral myocarditis, human primitive behavior in death scene investigation, anthropods and corpses in forensic entomology, practical toxicology, long-term effects of steroid abuse, and subendocardial hemorrhages in forensic differential diagnosis.
"If you have high revels of hormones, you're going to have high levels of mite reproduction because these anthropods obtain their steroids from the host."