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relating to mankind or the period of mankind's existence


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Polkinghorne, who accepts creation, argues that the only alternative to the anthropic principle is a vast infinity of worlds of which this improbable one is at the edge of probability.
Although current statistical and biological evidence cannot determine the value of [Mathematical Expression Omitted], Carter believes its value can be predicted using the anthropic principle.
The Anthropic Principle answer to the above question is both "Yes" and "No".
He uses the anthropic principle to explain our universe's fine-tuning, and points theoretically at the other mostly sterile universes that must populate parameter space.
Is the Anthropic Principle the hottest topic now in the dialogue between science and religion?
His forthcoming novel, Nothing Sacred, includes the Anthropic Principle among its themes.
I write this because of all the silly discussions I hear in hallways about the anthropic principle.
He explained that the anthropomorphism behind the strong anthropic principle is a remnant of the geocentrism that dominated civilized thought from the time of Ptolemy to that of Copernicus and Galileo.
Likewise, the coincidences explained (away) by the anthropic principle that facilitate our existence have yet been insufficient to prevent millennia of human suffering, due both to moral evil and design flaws in human biology; there will always be work to do, and any religion that proclaims a God that is omnipotent and omni-benevolent will spend a a lot of its time repeating this absurdity-my 2004 book discusses various approaches in theodicy, of which outright antinomialism makes as much sense as any other.
In the 1980s, says Linde, the anthropic principle was discussed in his native Russia only by a daring minority --and even then, their colleagues "would just smile politely and think, 'these old fools are talking nonsense.
They have complaints about most branches of science, and astronomy is no exception--as is shown by the current popularity of "fine-tuning theology" based on anthropic principle cosmology (essentially creationism for folks with physics envy).
Another example is his discussion of the anthropic principle, which has been put forth by a number of contemporary physicists, but which is also expressed in different words by Thomas (p.
Naturalism, presumably, has no explanation to offer beyond the weak anthropic principle which says that if the universe were not so, there would be no one around to raise the question.
The anthropic principle, Glynn argues, is now emerging from different lines of inquiry, and it marks a watershed moment in the history of science.
In other words, if one assumes that the production of heavy elements in stars and their dispersal in supernova explosions are essential for the evolution of life, this anthropic principle imposes strict constraints on the values of the electron and proton masses and other constants.