aminobenzoic acid

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a derivative of benzoic acid

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In most of these reports, the common route for their synthesis involves amidation of anthranilic acid or its derivatives, followed by oxidative ring closure.
Synthesis of a quinazolinone library was also reported by a three-component, one-pot reaction using anthranilic acid, aniline and N-Boc-glycine in the presence of the coupling reagent P(OPh)3 in 47- 69% yield.
This three-component, one-pot, two step sequence started with the condensation of an anthranilic acid, with N-Boc-D-valine followed by dehydration to form the intermediate benzoxazinone (2).
Anthranilic acid, a spore germination inhibitor of phytopathogenic Streptomyces sp.
mutant (blue fluorescent-l) wich accumulates anthranilic acid and its fi-glucoside.