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Medusa-like appendages springing forth from the cross sectional views of Portal 1 Anthozoa Fulfillment and Portal 1 Anthozoa Fulfillment (Detail 2) simultaneously fascinate and repulse.
coral Any of numerous chiefly colonial marine polyps of the class Anthozoa.
Many of the species most commonly observed at deep, undisturbed sites belong to the classes Anthozoa, Malacostraca, and Ophiuroidea, which are the classes that a meta-analysis has identified as the taxonomic groups most adversely affected by mobile fishing gear (Collie et al.
Lukyanov (1999) "Fluorescent proteins from nonbioluminescent Anthozoa species".
Phylum Cnidaria Class Anthozoa Order Actiniaria Family Boloceroididae Bunodeopsis sp.