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Synonyms for rosemary

widely cultivated for its fragrant grey-green leaves used in cooking and in perfumery

extremely pungent leaves used fresh or dried as seasoning for especially meats

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The sunflower's scientific name, helianthus (hee-lee-AN-thus), comes from the Greek word helios (HEE-lee-os), meaning sun, and anthos (AN-thos), meaning flower.
Anthocyanins--Greek anthos (flower) and kyanos (dark blue)--are colored pigments that give flowers their characteristic red, purple, and blue hues.
Just a couple of examples of each: the Folktale Library, ten folktales retold for children in a bilingual edition with the original language and English translation (Kids Can Press, 1978), two anthologies of selections from the work of Latin American authors living in Canada (published by the literary magazine Anthos, 1980), Northern Lights, a series of historical fiction for children (Peter Martin Publishers, 1980), The Dancing Sun.
According to Pano Anthos, co-founder of SYNTRA, "Companies can use SYNTRA global trade software to facilitate the fast, profitable movement of products across borders as part of their Oracle enterprise business applications.
Subject and text become a proliferation of centers or, as "anthological gestures" suggests, a gathering of flowers (Greek: anthos flowers + logia collecting).
Donatella has lent her brand and expertise to a string of successful and highly acclaimed restaurants, including davidburke & donatella, Kefi, and the Michelin-starred Anthos.
The absorbance was measured at 595 nm using an ELISA Reader (Model 2020, Anthos Labtec Instrument; Austria).
Anthos Pearlica Cymric Close, Ely, Cardiff I WAS in the market with my friend Mair, when a man came up to us and asked us if we would like to see his paper about the poppy, and his poem.
Since a 72-year-old gay man named Andrew Anthos was beaten to death in Detroit in February, locals have struggled to make sense of the horrific crime.
6% from the acquisition of Anthos (see IBO 6/30/06) and 3.
The Expression of C/ERB Alpha and C/EBP Beta in the Cancer Cell Line BT 549 After Exposure to the Plant Extract of Hypericum anthos.
I have lost count of the number of chain letters I have been sent, all originating from one Samuel Anthos de Group, a missionary in Venezuela, and all beginning, "with love all things are possible" .
Holliston, MA 6/21/06-Harvard Bioscience's Austrian subsidiary, Asys Hitech GmbH, has purchased select assets of the microplate reader and washer product lines of Anthos Labtec Instruments GmbH, a Beckman Coulter subsidiary.